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I can not take credited for the words below but they do resonate in me.

We walk around so crippled sometimes, or just in a state of tension or unrest,
or we are dealing with some issue, crisis or problem. Occasionally we get Bliss breaks,
where we feel everything is going pretty darn smooth and life couldn't be sweeter...

.... but then the next day happens and it might just throw a curve ball and put a person
right back into that state of what might feel like dysfunction, turmoil or grief.

Those who don't experience this - well that's awesome!

This originates from a time when our divine innocence met the Big Bad Wolf and the many faces
of deception or cruelty. The path then shifted.

The Free-Spirit began to think and process and view life through a different lense and the need
for protection, resolution and justice then started to define ones life...

When we are open, vulnerable, trusting and in the essence of the Divine - sometimes we are given a
big reality check in regards to this dimension we are in. But its not reality, we are...

Sometimes it makes us never want to trust again and let go, because one is almost always anticipating
more pain or betrayal.

In our lives that may have stemmed from not getting ones needs met as a child in extreme ways, or perhaps
one was cheated on, robbed, or abandoned in some way.

These marks that remain are very hard to shake and it seems the rest of ones
life is about just healing from all of this. The inner child wants so badly to be
free again but the seriousness and struggle suffocates it constantly....

Of course it doesn't have to be that way, we can be released from these bonds.

WE came here to be Warriors and to face the shadow forces and leave footsteps of
light for others to find their way out of the matrix. We came in with so much love & light,
and for some this might seem like boot-camp and it has just made one hardened, cynical and bitter.

Some of the insults have changed the brain chemistry and we see ourselves defined by them,
rather than seeing ourselves as victorious and able to handle or survive anything.

WE are going to return to a place that does not have this level of duality and evil.

We are the Maiden, Mother and Crone - the Crone who can navigate darkness with the power of inner truth,
who is capable of rising above the shadow forces, while planting seeds in the depths of the
Mother Womb and the consciousness of our divine co-creation ~ releasing the Maiden from the Underworld
where she was dragged to ~ A re-birth that transforms the World.

Empower and validate yourself everyday - especially when the curve balls come. See it as a puzzle or
opportunity and where the real potent work exists...

Freedom is not being ruled by the past, or in fear of the future - but just is able to be here NOW,
with an Aura that is a force-field of light and with a strength that no outer force can penetrate or defeat.

When we find this - the horizon is golden and those Bliss breaks can then become the new State of Mind...
Keep choosing Love and fully own this transformation process...

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Who wrote this?

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Mon, 09/10/2012 - 05:32
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who wrote this

Laura Magdalena- i believe . she has a fb site called return of the divine femine.

chantelle poisson | Mon, 09/10/2012 - 11:24