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What is the surest way of gaining God's Grace, Pujya Guruji?

SadGuru Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji's reply:-

Krishna's Mother Yashoda looked upon Him as her son and did not realize His Divine Stature. Lord Krishna charmed her with his mischievous pranks. When she was unable to tolerate His naughtiness, she would impose some punishment to discipline Him. As long as she petted Him or scolded Him, Krishna continued to behave like a human child. One day Yashoda realized that neither cajolery nor threats had any impact on Krishna. She could not really control His behaviour. It was only when she reached this state of internal surrender that Lord Krishna allowed her to have a glimpse of the three worlds within His Mouth. What do we learn from this? Neither praise nor blame will win His Grace. Only complete surrender can do that.