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Today's Question:-
Pujya Guruji, when we are at the Ashram, we feel so peaceful because all our transactional thoughts and worries disappear. Why does the mind bounce back to its restless mode when we re-enter the outside world?

Shri Shri Guruji's reply:-
The peace and bliss that you experience here come from the Supreme Soul communicating with your Soul. Your Soul is always thirsty and eagerly waits for you to enter the physical presence of your Guru and the Divine Mother. As soon as you enter the Ashram, the Soul enjoys its reunion with its divine parents and savours the bliss of communion. So, the mind forgets its earthly identity and all its worldly problems as it simply draws in the nectar of Divine Grace.

When you begin worldly transactions once more, the mind loses this bliss after sometime because you do not do anything to retain it. It is possible to retain the state of peace and bliss in the transactional world if you perform sufficient sadhana. The joy we feel when the senses and mind experience pleasure is very different from spiritual bliss. Though enjoyable, sensory pleasures are always temporary. For instance, when you watch a movie in a theatre, you are happy for a short while, but when you come out, your bubble of joy bursts. In the Ashram which is charged by the divine vibrations of your Guru, your Soul is activated and envelopes you with waves and waves of Divine Bliss.