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Today's Question:-
Pujya Guruji, since I am in the construction business, my whole day is spent in transactions. I often feel that I am living with one foot in the world of devotion or Bhakthi and the other in the world of illusion or Maya. How can I resolve this feeling of duality, Pujya Guruji?

Shri Shri Guruji's reply:-
Regardless of what you are doing, your heart and mind can be maintained in the state of bhakthi or devotion. Keep them tuned to the frequency of devotion by mentally chanting the name of God or your Guru all the time. The vibrations that you generate through this will also make your professional work progress very smoothly. Pray for the welfare of all the people who assist you in your profession. Pray for all peace and happiness of all the people will use the buildings that you construct. Always remember that everything you do is powered by the Grace of God and offer all your actions at His Lotus Feet. All this will trigger your awareness of Divinity constantly and you will move completely from the world of illusion to the world of devotion.