Awareness is not God

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Awareness is not God

Soul is the nervous energy or the inert energy functioning in a special style with the help of nervous system. This special style is Knowledge or Awareness. The special work form of the Inert Energy, which is generated by oxidation of food, is Knowledge. The Energy is converted into work and therefore, Knowledge (transportation of information to the brain) is a special form of inert energy only. If you take the soul as the working element, it is a basic inert energy. If you take the soul as Knowledge, it is the special work form of inert energy. The difference between the basic inert energy and its special work form is the difference between inert and awareness.

Since awareness is also a work form of inert energy, there is no basic difference between inert and awareness. Hence, even the soul taken as awareness is also inert since it is under the full control of God. If you take the characteristic of inert as the lack of independence, there is no basic difference between inert (Apara) and awareness (Para). Based on this point, the Gita combined inert and awareness under one category called as nature or creation (Prakriti).

The Veda says that God controls the souls (Atmeshwaram…). The classification of inert and awareness is superficial and is a sub-division of inert nature. In certain occasions, awareness controls inert objects like placing a small stone in any place by a person. But, the same stone in big size falling on the head of the same person expels the awareness from the body by force against the will of the person. Hence, the control of inert objects by awareness is partial, limited to certain conditions only. Based on this partial control, the awareness cannot be treated as full controller or God.