Awareness did not exist before creation

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Awareness did not exist before creation

You can say ‘the awareness of God’ but you cannot say that God is awareness. The reason for this is that the awareness observed in living beings is a form of inert energy working in nervous system. Before the creation, space cannot exist, since space is the first item of creation, which is the first subtle form of inert energy. Therefore, before creation neither materialized nervous system nor inert energy can exist. In such case, the generation of awareness is unimaginable. Even if you assume that the awareness was generated from some unimaginable source, the awareness, which is a work form of inert energy, cannot exist before creation. Since space is the first form of inert energy, in the absence of space, there cannot be existence of inert energy. If the inert energy was absent before creation, how can you say that awareness, which is a form of inert energy existed before the creation? In such case, you have to conclude that both the source of awareness and awareness itself are unimaginable. Instead of two unimaginable items, it is always better to say that one unimaginable item existed. Then, the conclusion is that the unimaginable source (God) existed and His will, which is awareness, must be the first form of inert energy that was created even before the space. But, without space, inert energy can never exist. Since space is needed for the waves to propagate or for the fundamental particles of inert energy, which alone is transformed into awareness or will.

To avoid the two unimaginable items, even if you say that the unimaginable God Himself is the unimaginable will or awareness, then also, your purpose is not served, since the unimaginable awareness cannot be the imaginable awareness that is seen in the living beings. Moreover, when you say that something is unimaginable, how can you say that it is awareness or inert? Hence, there is no other way than to say that one unimaginable item, which cannot be qualified by terms like awareness or inert created the space directly. Therefore, Veda says that the unimaginable God created the space directly (Atmana Aakashah…).

But Veda says that God wished to create the world. Such statement can be taken in view of the general procedure seen in the world, which is adopted for the sake of convenience of understanding by human beings. Veda also says that the unimaginable item (God) created the space or energy directly (Tat tejo asrujata…). Once the space is created, which is the first form of inert energy, the procedure of the creation is a routine process as described by Veda regarding the creation of air etc. after space. In this procedure, the last item that was created was awareness from the food (Annat purushah). You cannot bring this awareness even before food and not to speak of bringing the awareness even before the generation of space.

Now there are two items. One is the unimaginable God and the other is imaginable world which includes awareness as the final product. The generation of the world from God is also unimaginable, since there is no similar example of unimaginable generating imaginable in the world. From space onwards, we have only the imaginable generating another imaginable and any link between two imaginable items is imaginable. Therefore, Veda says that the link between space (Mahat) and God (Purusha) is unimaginable (Avyaktam) as seen in the statement “Mahatah paramavyaktam, avyaktaat purushah paraha”.

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so how do you know there was a creation

If consciousness came after creation then how consciousness knows that there was a creation in the first place?

If at all something came before the other then consciousness had to come before creation or in other words: consciousness created the creation stuff.

Anyway, what purpose these assumptions and stories serve? who cares what came first?

atlantis | Sat, 04/04/2009 - 17:12
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To me, the question of what came before what is misconceived, since time is one of those creations. To ask what existed in a time before time formed, is meaningless, and as time is an illusion, even creation is happening only now; beginnings and endings are all imagined.

What IS significant is what is 'prior to' creation. This is not a question about time but about Essence. The source of creation is prior to creation Now. The source of mind is prior to mind. The source of time/space is prior to the illusion of time/space. This has significance because it is what you are.

Phroggy | Sat, 04/04/2009 - 21:59
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Awareness is only a specific name of a specific inert process

When you see a pot, the light rays falling on the pot create an impression of the pot on the retina of your eye. The neuron cells in the nervous system transport this image to the brain. Here the pot, the light rays, the image, the brain, the nervous cells, the transportation of the image to the brain and the chemicals in the brain are entirely inert items. Now tell me which part of this entire process is called awareness? Awareness is only a specific inert work. On careful analysis there is nothing, which is not inert.

All this entire process is taking place under systematic control of God. There is little freedom in selecting the object for seeing. But once the object is selected the entire process is under a specific set up and has no freedom or variation. Awareness is only a specific name of a specific inert process. Hence the entire human being is inert and is controlled by God completely. Even the little limited freedom of the human being is due to sanction of God only. Hence, the human beings are completely controlled by God and this is mentioned in Veda (Aatmeswaram).

The Atman or Self is inert because God is the controller of the self of any human being. This Awareness or Self or Atman is imaginable inert item, which is a specific form of inert energy only. Thus, the self is imaginable item and is totally different from the unimaginable God who is its controller.

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Anil Antony
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dattaswami2 | Sun, 04/05/2009 - 05:46