Awareness & I Thought

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Awareness, the practice of Now etc seem to catch the imagination of the spiritual seekers.

There are two aspects that i would like to dwell upon in order to understand this drive fully. The first is an overwhelming choice of this method and the second is a salient point that was emphasised by Gurdjieff as being the key to the success of this endeavour.

First the choice could stem from the understanding that has come about by dabbling in various methods. Often we make up our mind by getting influenced by the Gurus or "Authorities". So i would wonder if its due to such a tilt shown by the popular Icons. Do we feel that this is a superior path? If the answer is yes then i would be more than inclined to believe that the decision has been born out of influence rather than careful consideration. Lastly it could also be the result of an easy going spirituality because by claiming to follow this method we could continue our lifestyles and pleasures. If i were to say that this is one of the most difficult path often spoken of as being suitable to the seekers of highest order who have already in their possession certain spiritual qualities?

Now coming to the second part, the advice of Gurdjieff. Once, someone asked him regarding observation of events
( certain psychic facts etc). He said that only those observations count in which you are present. This i feel is the most crucial factor. As far as the Awareness is concerned it is there even with psychiatric patients and criminals but record of the events have no trans-formative effect.