Awareness & Freedom

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What is Freedom? Freedom is Awareness being unrestricted. It may seem a little weird to put it that way for it is like saying freeing the sky from limitation. How could Awareness be contained? That is precisely what Ego does. It usurps the Awareness and starts posing as the center. It begins to choose what to choose or even what to be aware of and pushes what is inconvenient or unpleasant or unimportant or innocuous to the background. This deception of lie creates lot of contradictions for it creates a subconscious or unconscious different from what the shrinks talk about. Some routine tasks ought to be capable of performance without conscious involvement but to do it with sleight and put something out of Awareness is the work of the center or the Ego.

The direct path therefore is to ‘Choicelessly and Deliberately be Aware of the workings of the Center and everything else in so far and as much as is possible, in daily life.

The only Commandment is 'Not to Lie to Oneself'.