Awakening to Your Essence in Meditation

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"The truth is
you exist completely free of thinking.

You exist at your essence
untouched by thought.

It is only out of your essence
that thoughts can arise in the first place.
You exist prior to thinking.

So then the question is
how can you realize your essence?

And from the perspective
of the thinking mind
you can't.

Because the thinking mind
already assumes it is the thinking mind.

If you come from the assumption
that you are the individual thinker,
how can you be free of it?

In meditation,
you can stop placing importance
on thinking.

Thoughts arise
you let them go,
you stop holding on to them.

Garbage in
garbage out.

The individual identity
exists by attaching itself to thinking;
by placing importance on thinking.

But in meditation,
if you can let go of that importance,
and simply witness the happening,
you will discover a flow of thoughts
like a river of junk flowing by

and you remain expanded beyond it,
untouched by it.

It arises within you
but does not affect you.

Then you learn to remain in that awareness.
To let go of that knee-jerk reaction
to attach your attention to thinking.

Now all of this is well and good,
but how does the individual that identifies
with thinking
stop identifying with thinking?

You must become aware of something
much bigger than this individual me.
You must become in awe of something
much larger than who you think you are
in order to be able to step out of it.

And this something is grace,
it is Shakti.

Shakti itself awakens you from
your dream of being mesmerized
with thinking into something
the mind cannot understand nor deny.

Then naturally your attention
wants to go there,
like a window in a dark room
that has suddenly been opened
you will no longer be satisfied
with the dark room.

You will want to be free of it
so you can enjoy the sunlight.

Much love,


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