Awakening to Stillness in Meditation

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has no position.

Stillness is not a quality,
an action
or a state of being.

It does not even exist
in the outer world
but behind it.

Everything arises
out of stillness
but stillness
is unaffected
by whatever is arising.

So with this you can understand
that you cannot still anything
in the outer world.

Anything that is arising
is not meant to be stilled.

Thoughts, emotions, actions
are all arising and moving
according to their own nature.

Any trying to control anything
creates conflict.
It takes you further
away from stillness.

Even if you try and still
your mind,
it only pushes you further
into mind
and away from stillness.

But if you allow
everything to move
and change
by itself,
then stillness
begins to reveal itself.

Because if you stop
taking a position.
If you stop being involved
with everything that is moving,
if you stop trying to make things
a certain way,
then automatically,
you begin to experience what you really are
at your essence.

You awaken to stillness,
you realize stillness

and then you learn
to keep coming back
to stillness
and to remain there
for longer periods of time.

It becomes your sanctuary,
your home.

You do not rest there
as a person or a name
or as definition at all.

You rest there as essence
as stillness itself.

The insanity of the outer world
cannot affect it.

The outer world
cannot exist outside of stillness.
But stillness can and does
exist outside of the outer world.



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