Awakening into Silence & Stillness in Meditation

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"Silence is not a cessation of thoughts.
Stillness is not a cessation of movement.

If you try and stop thinking,
that is an action of repression.
The thinking has not stopped
you are only holding it back.

It is an action on top of the action.

Silence and stillness
is at the root of allowing.

When you allow thinking,
when you allow all happenings
to naturally happen,
then you are both no longer
involved with the happenings
and no longer trying to control the happenings.

It is a completely 'hands off' experience;
completely passive.

You will find the very allowing
is silence, is stillness.

In allowing,
your attention sinks deep
into this moment
underneath all happenings
and falls into the silence and stillness
that never moves,
that is eternally here.

And in resting in this silence,
thoughts fall into the silence and disappear,
happenings fall into the stillness and disappear
and this silence & stillness
that is the essence of all experience
rises to the surface
and encompasses everything.

Much love,


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