Awakening the Shakti in Meditation

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"A very lovely lady emailed recently
that when she meditates,
it feels so good
she can hardly stand it.

That she has to take a break
because it is more than she can bear.

And that is the perfect
description of real meditation.

When you awaken the Shakti,
there is that feeling of bliss,
but then the bliss is so strong,
that feeling of goodness is so strong,
that it is hard to take.

As it expands,
it takes up more and more room
pushing everything else out
or burning away anything in its path.

And so meditation
could be said to be about
how can you allow yourself
to remain in that bliss;
to remain in that pressure
of Shakti.

And the answer is
through practice.

Through practice,
you find a way within yourself
that cannot be put into words.

It may have to do with remaining present,
allowing the thoughts to come and go
so you do not escape this moment
through thinking.

It may have to do with
allowing yourself
to feel what is here completely
to the point where you disappear
into feeling.

It may have to do with surrendering
the one that says they
cannot take it anymore.

It may have to do with Japa
or purifying practices.

It may have to do with witnessing.

It may even come to the point
where Shakti takes up so much room
that even thought is not allowed to enter.

It may have to do with all of this
but at some point,
none of this can really say it truthfully.

It is something
you simply have to practice
and at a very subtle level
you learn intuitively how to do it.

So there is you and the Shakti
alone together
and you learn to surrender in that,
to remain in that,
until only Shakti is left,
until only consciousness is left.

Where do you go?
You are still there,
you have simply dropped
the denser, dualistic experience
of "I" and expanded
into something infinite.

Much Love,


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