Awakening Sensitivity in Meditation

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"When we were born
we were sensitive to everything.

But as we began to feel things
like hurt, sadness, rejection,
we began to block that sensitivity.

We began to contract
and separate ourselves
from our experience.

Every experience of resisting pain
gets wound up tight in knots
and this becomes our identity.

We begin to experience
ourselves as this hard outer shell
that nothing can penetrate.

Our own little
battle station.

And then we lose
our ability to feel alive.
We lose our ability
to experience life.

In deep meditation,
these knots begin
to become unraveled.

The hard outer core
that we have defined ourselves to be
starts to become undone.

All the ways we learned
to protect ourselves
are surrendered
and again we become sensitive.

We become sensitive
to everything;
we start to feel everything.

Not in the sense
of getting lost
in emotional drama,
although that may happen
at times.

But in the sense of letting go of
the mind's interpretation
of this moment
and actually experiencing
what is here
prior to that interpretation.

By feeling this moment directly,
without letting the rational mind
interfere with your recognition
of what is here.

If you are justifying something,
then you are resisting something
that is here.

You have your walls up.

But the more you can
allow sensitivity to be,
to feel everything
without trying to protect yourself,
shield yourself,
place yourself above it,

then this humble sensitivity
brings you back
to your natural state.

Your natural state
of unconditional peace.

You become so
vulnerable to life,
the sense of being
a separate 'you' falls away
and then there is only life,

living everything
as everything.



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