Awakening to the Pure Peace of Nothingness

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"In pure consciousness,
there is no 'I.'

There is the absence of any object or subject.

And that is profoundly peaceful;
profoundly satisfying.
A feeling of completely being at home.

Yet that peace is not there for a me.
If you bring a 'me' in there to enjoy that peace,
the peace fades.
That me obstructs the peace.

In nothingness
there is pure peace.

You are not a you,
you are just peace,
there is just peace.

At another level
everything is arising out of that peace,
as peace itself.

The person arises
out of that peace.

The natural expression
of thoughts, feelings, physical happenings,
the 5 senses
are all expressions of peace,
expressions of consciousness.

In this,
everything is felt as a flow of energy,
as a flow of bliss.

But the more fixated you become
on the person, on the thoughts,
on the content of the happenings,
then you experience a separation
from that peace, you experience conflict.

The more you build yourself up,
the further you feel from peace,
the deeper you move into conflict.

And so you learn in meditation
to abide in that nothingness,
in pure consciousness.

You learn to rest as awareness
without needing to contract into
being a person, into being a thought.

And then outside of sitting meditation,
you learn to remain surrendered
in that nothingness.

You learn to perform every action
as that nothing-ness.
Every movement becomes empty.

And that emptiness is not desolate,
because pure emptiness is pure peace.

You feel most alive
as that emptiness.
Pure satisfaction
of just being consciousness.

And it takes a while
to get used to such satisfaction
because you have associated satisfaction
with desire, with seeking, gain,
with trying to change, improve, escape.

But the truth is the opposite.
When you have whittled yourself down
to nothing, to just silent awareness,
that is when you feel the greatest bliss.

Much love,


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