Awakening the Mind into Consciousness

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"Consider how the mind
opens and closes:

When you identify yourself
as a something, as a someone,
it is closed,
it is contracted into being a something.

Yet when there is no identification
or definition, the mind remains open.
There is no contraction in being a something.

If you identify yourself as
'I am Kate, I am a peaceful person,'
the mind is closed, contracted.
It knows what it is and therefore
is not aware of this moment.

Yet if you get angry and have
angry thoughts, the mind
can no longer hold the definition
that you are a peaceful person.

And so that identification is broken
and the mind remains open
for a certain period of time.

Then it finds a new identity,
or a justification for that lapse of peace
and then can close itself again
on a definition of who it thinks itself to be.

And you can see this
in all aspects of your experience,
mental, emotional, spiritual,
likes and dislikes, fears.

If you are scared of little dogs
and suddenly one day
there is a little dog right in front of you
wagging his tail
and you can't get around him.

And then in awareness
you go beyond your fear
and give him a pat
and feel a connection,
then for a little while,
the mind sees its definition
is no longer true
and therefore remains open,
remains unidentified with anything.

Or if every day at 4pm
you eat an ice-cream
and then you stop doing that,
the mind will look for that ice-cream
at 4 pm and when it is not there
it shorts itself out in a way
and remains open, it remains alert.

So in being aware
of this process of the mind
opening and closing
you will begin to become comfortable
in just allowing it to remain open.

You will begin to experience the contraction
of having to be a something or a someone,
of identifying with an opinion, belief or judgment
and realize you can just remain open,
without definitions, without reasoning.

It is like when (I don't remember who)
asked the Buddha what he was
and he said 'I am awake.'

It is like that,
you are not a something
nor are you not not a something.
You are just awake.

There is just the open space
of consciousness
free from any fixed point of reference.

And that is freedom.

Much love,


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