Awakening Infinite Goodness

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“We have these subtle conditions
we put on ourselves.

‘If I get enough money,
if I get enough love,
if I get enough success
if I can be aware enough then I will be happy.’

And it is not that you should be happy
as you are.

Because that is also a condition
that hurts you, that puts you down.

But what you are is being
and it wants to be allowed to be.

Whatever is here, whatever is your experience
it wants to be.

Even thinking wants to be.
But if you involve yourself with the thinking,
that is not being.
If you try and not be involved with your thinking,
that is not being.

You have to let go of these conditions.
Because if you allow thinking to be,
then thinking is being
and automatically involvement
does not happen so much.

You see?

It is the being that is important.
Everything wants to be;
without obstruction, without judgement
without justification, without definition.

When it can be, then it stops being an object.
It simply is.

When thinking is allowed to be,
it is being.
When emotions are allowed to be,
they are being.

When you are simply being,
then your very cells are radiating joy.

Not in an emotional sense,
it is much deeper than that.

The cells of your being
are in their natural state of goodness, of peace.
Because being is unconditional peace and goodness.

And the apparent separation between
you being and everything else being dissolves.

It is all one being,
radiating infinite goodness.

Much love,


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