Awakening into The Infinite

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"There is a level of reality in this moment
that is beyond all definitions.

It is conscious but to define it as consciousness
limits what it really is.

It is infinite, fathomless.

You can experience it, you can realize it,
but you can never know what it is
because it is beyond all knowing.

But it is complete fulfillment.
It is complete within itself, absolute.

It remains unaffected and untouched by everything.

And it is you, at one level.

So no matter what you are thinking,
what you are experiencing,
there is a level of reality that you are,
that remains unaffected, infinite, and fulfilled within itself.

There is an aspect of you that is always conscious,
that is unconditional peace and bliss
regardless of whatever thoughts or experience is here.

Become aware of this aspect of yourself.
No matter what you are experiencing,
become aware of the part of you that is conscious
infinite, blissful and fulfilled within itself.

You become aware of this reality
through Shakti, devotion and simply by being aware
of your inner experience in this moment;
without trying to change it; without any resistance to it.

Much love,


Kip is the Creator of The Kundalini Shakti CDs

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