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Slowly mounting, tremulous pitches, heighten senses

Hurricane passions, whipping against the gates of the soul

Whispered echoes of hearts beating in rhyme

Like torrential rains, flash floods…in the blink of an eye

Overtake…losing all conscious thought

Further and further away, the raging river flows

Transcended awareness, swirling in the whirlpool

Colored lenses, veils of fog dissolved

Blasting, reaching out from the center of Be-ing

Probing up further and further towards fusion

Searching for completion…the merging, a union

Piercing the narrow passage, steep climb

Obstacles dissipate, obliterate…bridges built

Connection, the highway clears—lightening speeds

Bursting forth from every crevice the rainbow glows

Flowers bloom and a thousand petals blossom and flourish

by Niki

Copyright © 2008-2009. All rights reserved.

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A rare experience I would say...

..."Flowers bloom and a thousand petals blossom and flourish".

Awakening the power of Kundalini I hear is painful to some.

I believe it is the state of the coherent mind in an implosive union of thought and action, that actually lifts you up and out of the body and you experience divine ecstasy.

Years back I experienced such a phenomena while writing my Poem 'Desire'.
Found my self floating at the ceiling looking down at my body.
Felt neither joy or pain.

You are a focused writer; and it would be a joy to read what you write.
A higher level of consciousness truly brings one closer to God.

Jai K Garg | Mon, 08/24/2009 - 12:00
Premananda's picture blossoming

Any experience that is forced before its time, would certainly not be beneficial. More like the planting of seeds, and allowing the flowers to bloom in accordance with the divine plan.

You had a beautiful experience. For me it describes each and every time I have written a poem or prose. The words seem to flow from somewhere and I was just a bystander looking down. Just BE-ing.

The Divinity within you illuminates the world around you...

Premananda | Mon, 08/24/2009 - 12:22