Awaken your Divine Personality.....

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Bhagawan Krishna said...

"When a man completely relinquishes all desires
of the mind...and entirely contented in the 'Self'
by the 'Self'...he is then considered to be
'One'settled in WISDOM."

Awaken that meek yet thunderous divine personality
-strong as lion...gentle as the dove.When you
make up your mind that you will meditate and
follow this path...nothing will be able to
take you away from it.

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I'm not sure at all that

I'm not sure at all that this is indeed a divine personality. I've seen so many with this pattern of spiritual path that indeed truly relinquished all desires and devoted themselves to meditation and the level of anxiety they were in, sometimes for many years, was tremendous.

And in those few that no anxiety was visible, after some time, you could notice that they are fully controlled by the mind. The relinquishing of desires has become the new desire, the new excitement, the new toy of the mind.

I don't think that the path of resistance drastically to the mind and its conditioning is effective. Based on my observations, the path of total and complete acceptance is one of the most (and maybe the only) effective one.

nalabonga | Tue, 06/26/2012 - 07:38
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What i understand by force

What i understand by force One can not relinquish his desire...and One must not.
When the WISDOM is heigh...all worldly desires relinquishes at its own.

When a person is Divinely awaken...his attainment of Energy level is so high that every petty Desires of Human need burns down automatically.This world becomes not the Object for him.
When there is no object...there is no desire.

Meditation gives you the understanding of your 'Higher Self'
When you see your higher version...will you be hold on to your Lower version?

The persons whom you observed are not awaken...they are on the process of awakening.So this can always be happen in the process going on.


bonya basu | Tue, 06/26/2012 - 08:27