Avadhuta Gita, Part--2

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Chapter III---E-Text Source: www.celextel.org
1. How shall I worship that Atman great Which is neither personal nor impersonal. Taint less, above love and aversion, uncreated, All pervasive, of the form of the universe, Having no attributes, yet not attribute less That all-bliss Shiva, my Self.
2. How shall I bow down to mine own Self In my own Self and by my Self? I have no colors, white or yellow; Eternal Shiva am I.
3. I am rootless, and without root, Free from smoke, and smokeless am I, Without a lamp, and lightness am I, Equanimity am I, like a sun ever risen.
4. How can I name the passionless, desire less One As having desires? The Absolute cannot Be described in terms of conditions; How can I speak of myself? I am neither with an essence, Nor am I without an essence. Space-like all equanimity am I.
5. How shall I say that non-duality Is all this creation, or that, or that? Even if it be duality, then too I cannot Attribute creation or dissolution to It. How can the Eternal, the All Be expressed in any way? Space-like, all-bliss am I.
6. Neither gross nor subtle is my Atman; It comes not, and It goes not; Without a beginning and without an end; Neither higher nor lower is It; That Truth absolute, space-like, Immortality-giving knowledge am I.
7. Know well that all the senses Are as space, and so also their objects. Know that the One is taint less, The One is neither bound nor free. That all-pervasive ever-blissful Shiva,Immortality-giving knowledge am I.
8. The knowledge of the Self,hard to obtain, Which is experienced, is not Atman; The object of meditation, Hard to concentrate upon, is not Atman; That which is near,and that which is far, far away, Is not Atman. Space-like, all-bliss Shiva am I, Shiva am I.
9. Without karma am I, I burn up karma's;Without pain am I, I burn up sufferings; Bodiless, homeless am I, and yet I burn up these, All equanimity, space-like am I.
10. The seed of the plant of the world exists not in me, Contentment and pleasure sexist not in me; Bondage and ignorance are not in me; Space-like,absolute Shiva am I.
11. Atman is not the Knower Nor is It the known. It is not accessible to inference. Words cannot describe This Consciousness Absolute. The mind is lost in Its majesty. How can It be explained to thee? Space-like immortality-giving knowledge am I.
12. There is no separation and no unity in It. Neither is It inner nor outer. It is Truth transcendental. It cannot be said "It was all before." Verily nothing exists but Atman. And that space-like immortality-giving Knowledge am I.
13. I am the eternal principle.Free from attachment and aversion, Free from imperfections am I, Fate and providence exist not in me. Eternally free from the sufferings of the world, Verily, space-like immortality-giving Knowledge am I.
14. As the three states of consciousness Exist not in Atman, How can It be the Fourth? Free from past, present and future How can the cardinal points exist in IT? Eternal peace, space-like transcendental Truth am I.
15. Neither father nor mother have I, Neither wife nor child. Birth and death I do not know. The mind is not my own. Eternal peace, space-like transcendental Peace am I.
16. Devas and Gods, like Indra and Brahma, Have no place in Atman. Neither Paradise nor Heaven exist in Atman. The one taint less transcendental Truth am I.
17. The saying of the Shruti "not this, not this" Does not apply to Atman. How can it be said "When all is subtracted Atman alone remains"? It is symbolical but not a symbol; Yet even this cannot be said of Atman. Space-like,the water of immortality am I.
18. Maya is not my modification. Nor is its glamor mine. Deceit and hypocrisy, truth and untruth Have no place in me. Space-like, immortality-giving knowledge am I.

Chapter IV

1. Nothing can be added or taken away from the Universal Consciousness. It cannot be invoked or worshiper flowers and leaves. Meditations and Mantras cannot reach It. How could It be worshiped as Shiva for in It there are neither distinctions nor unity?
2. In the One there is neither bondage nor salvation, neither purity nor impurity. From union and separation the One is free. That space-like Truth am I.
3. As in reality I am Nirvana, thoughts as to the reality and unreality of the world trouble me not at all.
4. Eternally free from the taint of ignorance as I am, knowledge or illusion never had birth in me. How can I say whether I am bound or free?
5. Neither sin nor virtue ever existed in me; by nature I am Nirvana. Neither the worshiper nor the worshiped am I. No instructions and no rituals are there for me. Knowledge also am I not. By nature I Am Nirvana.
6. Taint less Nirvana am I; I am neither the comprehender nor the comprehended. Neither the cause nor the effect exist in me.
7. Neither am I a body, nor am I bodiless. The buddhi [higher mind which includes the discriminative faculty and intuitive reason], the mind and the senses are not mine. How can I talk of attachment and detachment, since I am taint less Nirvana?
8. In me exist not birth,death, purity, impurity, poison or the water of immortality. Verily I am free even from the taint of Nirvana. I cannot speak of the "Third"or the "Fourth".
9. Neither a fool nor a pundit am I, neither silent nor of many words; how can I speak of reasoning or argument since I am free even from the taint of Nirvana?
10. Giving up all meditations, all good and evil karma, drinking the water of immortality, the hero know that I from the taint of Nirvana am free.
11. No ritualistic injunction is binding on me; mind, the seat of anxieties, does not exist in me. Far, far from me also is egotism.Space-like, immortality-giving knowledge absolute am I. 12. I cannot say whether the world is nothingness or if it is partly real and partly unreal, or, if like a flowing river though ever changing, it is in fact real as a whole. Space-like immortality-giving knowledge absolute am I.
13. There is not the least shadow of name or form in the Infinite, nor is there unity or diversity in me. O my shameless mind, why createstthou a confusion? Space-like immortality-giving knowledge absolute am I.
14. O my friend, there is no cause for disquietude since thou art not the body. Thou art imperishable and eternal, then why criest thou? Restin peace. Space-like, immortality-giving knowledge absolute am I.
15. Why art thou troubled, O friend, since avarice, lust, attachment,are not in thee? Space-like, immortality-giving knowledge absolute am I.
16. Why this craving for power, O companion, when in truth wealth is not thine. "Mine" and "thine" are not in thee.
17. In thy heart there is no mediator, there is no Samadhi, nor is there any possibility of meditation in Atman. Time and causation never existed in thee.
18. I have told the, o disciple, the essence of Truth. There is no "thou" nor "I", no world, no Guru, or disciple. Know that by nature I am freedom absolute. I am transcendental Truth.
19. When Atman, the absolute existence, alone is, and It is I, then where is transcendental Truth, where is bliss, where is knowledge,secular or spiritual?
20. Unknown to fire, water and earth, motionless, all-pervasive as space, knowledge absolute know thy Atman to be.
21 Renounce, renounce the world, and also renounce renunciation, and even give up the absence of renunciation. By nature all-pervasive as space, knowledge absolute art thou.
Chapter V
1. The syllable OM spoken is the essence of the lower and the higher knowledge. It is Brahman, space-like. There's neither existence nor non-existence in this world. Brahman is ever free from duality.
2. Thou art that Atman of which the Shruti says,"Tat Twam Asi [That thou Art]." Know that thou art free from Maya. Cry not, o mind, verily thou art all.
3. There is neither higher nor lower in thee. Thou pervadest all equally, and there is neither inner nor outer. Then why mourner thou, O mind? All, all is Brahman.
4.Neither that which is imagined, nor the imagination exist in thee; know that cause and effect touch thee not. Free from words and allexpressions art thou, eternally the same. O mind, cry not.
5. To know that there is neither higher nor lower in Atman is Samadhi; toknow that Atman is ever free from time and space is Samadhi. Cry not, O mind, all is Brahman.
6. As there is no jar, there is no jar space.As there is no jiva body, no conditioning medium [The conditioning of consciousness to form the individual soul (jiva) encased in the human body is compared to the apparent enclosure of space in a jar. As jarsdo not really limit space, so the conditioning medium of body and mindcannot limit Atman.], there is no jiva. The cause and effect whichproduce conditions do not exist in Atman. Why then dost thou cry, O mymind?
7. It is all one whether we live in a hut in retirement, Orin a house with many kinfolk, for Atman is free from the multitude as from solitude. Free also is It from knowledge, theoretical and practical, Atman being All, O my mind, cry not.