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Authority both outer and inner is not such a good thing. In modern times we are eager to condemn outwards form of authority including parents guiding their children but ironically are slave to inner authority of the past (experiences). While surrender is considered a good thing in spiritual circles yet some modern deluded thinkers want to trumpet the meaning of freedom to be pandering to inner authority. Al Ghazali while speaking of men covered by veils of pure darkness says in Mishkat -al- Anwar

"Secondly, their are those whose preoccupation is self, and who in no wise busy themselves. about the quest for causality. Rather, they live the life of the beasts of the field. This veil is, as it were, their self-centred ego, and, their lusts of darkness; for there is no darkness, so intense as slavery to self-impulse and self-love. "Hast thou seen," saith Allâh, "the man who makes self-impulse his god?"[1] and the Prophet, "Self-impulse is the hatefullest of the gods, worshipped instead of Allâh."

It is good to be sceptical but equally important to be open and listen to those who have trodden the path. In worldly affairs do we not approach someone knowledgeable if we need to learn a particular art? Time will surely come when we can stand our own two feet and be a light to ourselves. Even then it is good to maintain a humble attitude for self pride is subtle and deceptive.