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•ॐ Om ॐ The only thing worth your effort should be towards self discovery, anything else is distraction....As for success in this world, simple...find the one thing that interest you and become an expert at it! The i is just here, troding along life's journey as everyone else, living and meeting all the beauties of this world, the good and the bad, because it isd what this life is about, the experience of the oneness within the walls of the flesh. Life aint a destination it is a journey and on a journey you dont stop moving, youwalk along, talk along, sing along and live along! One big up to all the fellow travellers of this fleshy world, rich or poor, big or small, red or yellow mixed with green, you are all beautiful expressions of the ONE, the Alpha and the Omega, the never dying and unborn source of it all. Lets be happy and celebrate each other's unikn,ess and be grateful for all the opportunity that came with this one breath, this is for y'all, beloved! Know yoursel to be perfect and flawless, every path leads to righteousness cos it nah know no boundries or segragation, this is wat we are so dont let the mind fool you to think other wise, know thyself! One!