Auras - What they are and what a god aura reader sees.

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Here is some of the information from William LePar's source The Council on Auras. This was requested by one of my friends but I thought all would be interested. There is a lot more but this includes some of the basics. There definitely is mis-information out there about auras but our research has proven this to be accurate.

[b] The Council: Many of you are aware of what is referred to as the aura, but even in the most advanced concepts of the aura, again, you are only beginning to scratch the surface, for the aura is your presence, is your being, and it is composed of the character that you are: those positive traits and those negative traits that you hold dear, your spoken intentions and those intentions that are not spoken, those things that you hold deep within inside of you; and as these intentions change either from the negative to the positive or from the positive to the negative so changes your aura or your presence or your being or your character. The only way to true perfection, whether it is achieved in the material manifestation or whether it is achieved in those levels beyond, is through your ability to love without selfishness, your ability to communicate that love in whatever way you have the opportunity to, and so those with the greater love have a greater aura, a much more sensitive aura, now when we say "greater" we do not mean it necessarily in size but greater in its intensity and its strength and its ability to extend even further the concept and the action of love. One may ask is there dimensions to the aura? No, not in reality, not once you have left the physical there is no dimension to the aura, there is no limit to the aura, consequently, there is no dimension or limit to you, in reality. You are unending, without limitation, yet you maintain a perimeter. The purpose of this is to keep from infringing upon the spiritual rights or rights of others. In those communities that are more advanced in the aspect of love, then your perimeter is much greater, there are less restrictions to your sharing. It is the intermingling of this delicate energy that we have referred to as the spiritual electricity which is the essence of you and which can be related to what is referred to as the Breath of God, so that this spiritual electricity as it is made more godly through your efforts it becomes what is referred to as your aura and that is influenced and enhanced by the degree of love that you demonstrate.

Questioner - Some who have professed to be qualified aura readers say that a good aura reader should be able to see an aura extending six feet away from the physical body.

The Council: Well, again, a good aura reader will see the aura in terms that they would understand and could deal with. The aura, in actuality now, if we can skirt the very outer limits of the material manifestation, in actuality has no color. It is an energy field which is just that, but as that energy field is more and more permeated by the material manifestation, then it will take on certain characteristics that are related to the material manifestation. Those characteristics are individually interpreted by the aura reader themselves. There are some adequate or good auric readers that see small auras or tight auras around positive people. This comes in contradiction to what we have said, but for that auric reader it is accurate providing, of course, the auric reader is accurate.
So such things are basically left to the individual who is seeing such things. If one could be trained to see the auric field as it actually exists, not from the personal interpretation, but from a true spiritual sense, then they would see what we have stated. They would not see color, but they would see an emanation of activities from the outer perimeters of the physical body. This would have no color but would be seen as an activity of which we could not explain since we are talking about seeing with the inner eyes.[/b]

Our organization built a Kirlian Camera a number of years ago to show true aura photos. I will post something from The Council on reading Kirlian photography and the phantom leaf effect soon.

For more on The Council and William LePar see

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