Auras - Learning how to read them

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This is the third and final part on auras. I was asked to give additional information on auras as far as becoming an aura reader. Please be sure to take note of the last statement by The Council. It truly is food for thought for all of us who advise others. Early next year I will post some information about the Bermuda Triangle. I think that you will find it enlightening. When The Council speaks on scientific topics they give us additional information on the physical makeup of our world but also point out how our personal spirituality effects this universe that is our temporary schoolhouse for learning.

Questioner: On reading auras, if a person wants to learn how to see auras, Mr. LePar had mentioned and a standard thing is to have somebody sit in front of a screen, and with a soft focus look at the person. Are there any other ways that you could suggest?

The Council: Another simple way is the squinting of eyes. But see none of these will work unless the person is really in the right frame of mind or has a great desire or a true desire to actually see an aura, but these are all little things that individuals can try and find successful. They feel that these activities have brought the success, and that is not the case. The success only came through a generally accepted activity. The success or the actual achievement of seeing auras is one's real desire to see it. Knowing that it exists, knowing that it can be seen, and just looking. The intellect really prevents you from realizing a lot of things. The aura isn't there only when you are able to envision it or see it, it is constantly there. It is the individual that is looking that determines whether they will see it or not. But just because a person does not see an aura does not mean that it is not existing at that particular time.

Questioner: Also, in interpreting auras. You had stated that a person really has to interpret what they see in their own way. Any other comments or advice on trying to interpret what you see?

The Council: Well, there are some general things that could be taken for granted. We could use that. But ultimately the freer you are from restraints in understanding what you are seeing, the quicker you will achieve the ability to see. You can designate certain meanings to colors and what have you, and you can actually fall into that awareness or make that a part of your own awareness and then it becomes accurate, but sometimes it is easier just to go with how you feel about a particular color or this or that or whatever.

Questioner: Before we get off the subject of sufficient structure, am I right in assuming that one's auric field would be different if the chemical structure were different?

The Council: Yes, there would be a difference in the aura. The aura is a visual, let us put it this way, it is a body's way or another soul's way of visualizing the spiritual energies that are being emanated from the more condensed segment of that soul. So the aura would show some quality there or some difference. Here is a little secret or, shall we say, a little mystery in viewing auras: a truly good person when they view an aura sees very little that is not positive in an aura, but one who is not so spiritual viewing the same aura will see more of a reflection of their own than they will of the qualities of the person they are looking at. Now, there is a little food for thought.

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