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Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. It is named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife Valentina. They worked with high voltage photography in the late 1930s. Kirlian's work was first made known to the general public in this country with the publication in the early 1970s of "Psychic discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" by Shelia Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. Because of their pioneering work in the field of high voltage electro-photography it today is called Kirlian Photography.
Nicola Tesla used his famous Tesla coil to record the corona around various objects in the 1880s. The camera that we use has an automobile ignition coil because it produces better results than the Tesla coil. Our camera is a box made of plastic that does not allow light to penetrate. There is a hole on one side with a sleeve of cloth attached. The sleeve also allows no light to enter. The hand and arm are placed in the sleeve and then into the box. The fingers are placed on the film which is on top of a contact plate on the inside bottom of the box. 20,000 volts of electricity charges the plate under the film for about 6 seconds. This causes an image of the corona surrounding fingers to be captured on the film. Everyone’s picture is different. The thickness of the corona around the fingers varies greatly, that along with breaks or lack of breaks in the corona gives the aura reader general information. If the fingers are very lightly touching the plate, the gaps will show, so that you get the reverse image of the finger prints. One of the more interesting pictures that we took was of a crystal. The individual who owned the crystal felt a strong affinity for it and always wore it around his neck. The crystal was placed on the plate and then he put his fingers on top of the crystal but not in contact with the plate. This produced a beautiful picture of the crystal and its corona.
The following is what The Council has to say about Kirlian photography and the Phantom Leaf Effect. This unusual situation occurs when a portion of the leaf has been cut away and then a photograph taken. On rare occasions the photograph of the leaf shows the entire leaf including the missing portion. Although the missing portion is somewhat lighter or less defined it is clearly visible. This phenomenon only occurs on rare occasions but it does happen.

Questioner: The first question is: Regarding Kirlian Photography, is there any relationship that we can definitely state between auras and Kirlian Photography?
The Council: Well, there is a definite relationship and it should be obvious just from observing it. The point that probably isn't as well understood or taken into consideration is in the actual photographing of the aura. You cannot really see the aura, even with a photograph so you see the effects of the aura, and in Kirlian Photography you are seeing the effect of the aura. This is based on a number of activities going on at the same time. First of all, because of the chemical composition of the physical body, which is based on the electromagnetic activities of the body which is based on the spiritual condition of the body, you have the elimination of some forms of gas and, how shall we put it, more solidified streams of electrical current. The flares or the corona or what have you that you see on the actual photograph is a combination of the gases created and eliminated through specific channels governed by the electrical flowouts of the body. So the induction of electricity causes the existing flowouts of electricity to take on an illuminated appearance. Also, the gas seepage is ignited in a manner, if we can use that term, so that it glows, similar to neon gas, when it is excited it glows.
The Council: This is a direct representation of the physical body and the spiritual condition as well as the emotional body. You might say that the physical body is encased in a cohesive factor that is an absolute replica of the physical body.
Questioner: Those are all the questions I had.
The Council: Are you sure that is all the questions you have?
Questioner: Those are all the questions I have listed.
The Council: We would think since you questioned in such detail the aura, you probably missed one of the most phenomenal aspects of Kirlian Photography.
Questioner: Probably.
The Council: What of the phantom leaf effect? That should be one of the first questions, if you are interested in Kirlian Photography, that would be asked.
Questioner: What of the phantom leaf effect?
The Council: The phantom leaf effect is a show that, or let's say, is demonstrating that the physical body is only a mirror of what actually is the living essence or the living container. The physical body kind of fills in the actual living body. If you remember we used the term cohesive factor. Because of the nature of construction of the human body, all atoms are held together not by chance but by a cohesive factor. This cohesive factor is somewhat stronger than the delicate electrical energies that compose the actual atom. They are the, or let's say, it is the cohesive factor that holds everything in proper relationship, thus proper position in the body. These are in the places they are and in the condition they are because of the spiritual aspects of the soul using it. Thus, when you find on rare occasions the phantom leaf effect, what you are seeing is the proof that this cohesive factor is there, thus dispelling the idiotic concepts that some have that if you lose a leg in this lifetime, in the next lifetime you are going to have problems with that leg. Or if you give your eyes up in this lifetime, you are going to have weakened eyes in the next lifetime. All you have done is eliminate the material vestige of that body, which is the least thing or the least of the important elements constructing or made in the construction of your existence in the physical.