Attainment of Salvation!

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It is our birthright to make this life a success and to ensure our soul reaches its ultimate destination. In fact, man has been bestowed with enough capability to attain this state of being by God but one has to work towards it – right effort in the right direction is very important and necessary.

There are ample opportunities and various methods provided to us in today’s world to attain salvation and each of these methods has their own strengths. However, one cannot deny the fact that today we are living in a world, which is full of negativity. The times we are living in is referred to as “Kali Yuga”, which is marked by degradation of moral values, greed, etc. Virtuosity and truthfulness are hardly to be found. The prevalent methods to attain salvation exist since many years but as per our experience these methods, which began centuries ago were very effective then, as we were pious and pure during that period as it was known as “Satya Yuga”. Today our morality and goodness has slowly been lost to negative traits of selfishness, greed, etc. We are moving towards moral degradation being exposed to ‘Tamasik’ effects.

As per the scriptures, the Kali Yuga has ended in the year 2000 A.D. and we are already into the Satya Yuga. The situation however, is same as it was in the Kali Yuga because the prevalent traditional methods do not have the required power to fight the current evils that plague the atmosphere. This is the reason why the Divine Power i.e. the Siddha Shakti has arisen again to do the good work of transforming the era – this is the ‘Swayamsiddha Paddhati’ (Self Proven Method), which has started transforming Kali Yuga into Satya Yuga.

This Swayamsiddha Paddhati is another form of divinity and has the power to transform negativity into positivity. The traditional methods do not have this capacity.

1) As per the law of nature - We have to pay a price for whatever we do.

2) As you sow, so shall you reap.

Since many decades there is sin all around us and misdeeds are being committed by people. How will all this be removed? How will things change for the better? Will Satya Yuga never return? To answer such queries God has introduced the ‘Siddha Shakti’, with a specific purpose in mind. The experiences and the incredible results, which this Shakti brings with itself, are completely out of this world. This Shakti slowly takes the person from his current state of being towards ultimate happiness and salvation. It also gives immediate results. The methods used and the rituals done can be easily performed by anyone. Not to mention that they are extremely effective and very important for us to follow. Any common man can do them easily, without any difficulty and get instant results.

Doctor Swami Hardas did a lot of meditation and as a result Siddha Gorakshanath gave him Darshana at Har Ki Paudi in Haridwar with the commandment, “Aaj Se Swami Hardas Naam Se Siddha Karya Karo” (from today onwards, do Siddha work with the name of Swami Hardas). Thus Swamiji started the Siddha work at Siddha Mandir in Pune. Under the aegis and guidance of Siddha Gorakshanath, Swamiji did 201 days of deep and difficult meditation and 435 days of mild meditation for the benefit of the world. Lord Siddheshwar was extremely pleased with his meditation and blessed Swamiji with Siddha Shakti stating that whoever will ask for Siddha Shakti in the name of “Siddha Swami” will get it and will experience its benefits.

We hope and pray that everyone during his lifetime gets to attain salvation and experiences ultimate divinity and happiness of the soul. Dr. Swami Hardas has this pious purpose in mind. So with the blessings of Siddha Gorakshanath and other Siddha Gods and driven by the positivity of the Siddha Shakti, Siddha Swami Hardas has introduced various independent departments for achieving emancipation and ultimate happiness of the soul.

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