Attaining Witness Consciousness in Meditation

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"If you observe
your experience
in this moment,
then you are not controlling
this moment in any way,
you are not involved with it
in any way.

From witnessing,
there is the flow
of energy that
is happening,
that is arising by itself,

that is creating
the movement of all
phenomena in this moment.

The thoughts arise
in this flow of energy,
the sensations arise
and change in this flow
of energy,

it is all the flow of one energy,
arising out of consciousness
and dissolving back
into consciousness.

The energy takes
the shape of certain thoughts
and then the thoughts
dissolve back into energy
and then the energy
forms into other thoughts,
or other emotions
before dissolving back
into energy.

So you see in this
there is nothing to change.

Whether you experience
or joy,
it is all the flow
of the same energy.

From the witness
it is all a flow
of the same bliss.

It is complete
and perfectly
within itself.

It is simply a matter
of letting go of this
need to control, change
or distract yourself
from this moment.

You let go of that
actual contraction
of identifying with this moment,
of being involved with thinking
and rest as the witness,
and then there is just
this beautiful flow
of energy,

the nature of which
is bliss.



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But why you insist on putting yourself in it?

I think someone once wrote you and if not I will be the first: you spoil your posts with these pictures of you and especially the pic of your eyes. Sorry, they have no influence in case you hope they have, only a negative comic influence. Be aware of your ego. Post your texts and give up this desire to be recognized as such and as such. It only destroys your nice texts.

robert | Wed, 07/06/2011 - 10:06