Attaining Stillness in Meditation

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"Close your eyes.

the mental noise
to flow as it does
without getting involved.

Allow the sensations
to be as they are.

Allow everything
to be as it is
and let your attention
rest in this moment.

Let your attention
sink through
all movement
and rest in the
absolute stillness

It is where
wants to be.

If you stop
chasing the thoughts
or trying to control the thoughts,
then automatically,
your attention
begins to fall
into the stillness
of this moment.

And you will begin to feel
the stress and contraction
that is created
when you leave this moment,
when you chase after thoughts.

It is like water skiing.

You hold on to the rope
and the boat drags you
here and there
and all over the place.

But if you let go of the rope,
you naturally float
in one place.

It is the same if you
let go of your identification
with thinking,
your attention
naturally sinks
into stillness.

It rests in its
natural state
of unconditional peace.



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