Attaining Samadhi in Meditation

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"If you can get to
the point in witnessing
in meditation,
where you realize
that everything
is moving by itself,

then you drop
out of any idea
of yourself
and into
formless consciousness.

The experience of separation
is cancelled out
and you rest in your natural state.

It is here
that everything comes right.

It is in this that every
cell of your being gets healed
and transformed back
into its natural state
of vibrating bliss.

It is intoxicating,
all encompassing
and completely gratifying.

From the perspective
of the mind,
happiness is something
you need to acquire.

It is something you
are moving towards
and so you are constantly
looking in front of this moment
to an idea of some future event
where you will feel satisfied.

But this is dissatisfaction itself.
This constant seeking into the
future is unhappiness itself.

Yes, you need to practice
you need to do everything
you can to make yourself
more conscious.

But the path is not linear
but inward.

Through purification,
you bring yourself
further and further
into this moment.

You let go of all control
and drop into what is here,
you immerse yourself in what is here.

Because what is here
is what transforms.

The idea that you as a person
can transform yourself
into something else
is really only scratching
at the surface.

Only superficial changes
get made with the mind.

You fall into this moment
and there is an infinite
ocean of grace.

There is only grace,
only infinite bliss
and this bliss completes you
on every level.

Once you experience this,
all ideas of self help, transformation
get tossed out the window.

You stop being a person
trying to go somewhere
and fall into bliss itself.



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Very encouraging... thanks for sharing!

Lateef T Warnick
1 S.O.U.L.

the1soulwithin | Thu, 09/15/2011 - 03:46