Attaining Samadhi in Meditation

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"The very essence of thought
is no-thought.

The very essence of mind
is no-mind.

If you try and get rid of thought,
then you make thoughts stronger.

If you identify with thought,
then you make thoughts stronger.

So the way to samadhi
is through thought itself.

By allowing a thought
to be completely as it is
and being fully aware of it
you come to the essence of thought.

You experience
the very nature of thought
which is silence itself.

If you separate the two.

If you make thought
something separate from silence,
then you will end up
in a never ending struggle
to get one over the other.

But if you fully allow a thought
to be as it is,
then you reach the essence.

You realize
the formless in form.

Samadhi is not actually
the absence of thought.

It is transcendent
of both thought
and the absence of thought.

It is a state of silence
that has no opposite.

It is unconditional bliss.



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