Attaining Levels of Consciousness

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"In outward seeking and desiring
you are always chasing
what is seemingly ahead
of this moment.

You are always
looking to be satisfied
in the future.

So the very experience
of outward seeking
will always be

It cannot be any other way
because satisfaction
is always just ahead of you,
just in front of you.

Like the man on the
donkey cart
holding the carrot
just in front of donkey
so it keeps walking,

no matter how much
the donkey walks
the carrot is always just
out of reach.

So in desire,
there is that constant resistance
to being here;
to seeking the illusion
of what is in front of this moment
for fulfillment.

But if you stop moving
your attention in front
of this moment
and allow it to rest
in this moment,
then the idea
of satisfaction/dissatisfaction

There is only
what is.

And the more
you rest in what is,
the more this moment
opens up
into incredible new dimensions
of reality.

This moment
is the doorway
to infinite levels
of consciousness.



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