Attaining Cosmic Consciousness

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"There is a force in this moment;
an intense movement of energy.

The more aware
you become,
the more you feel
this incessant
flow of energy
like a tsunami.

The tendency
is to repress this energy
or to get rid of it,
usually through
chasing and fulfilling desires,
or through worry.

Even spiritual practice
can mistakenly become about
trying to control this flow
of energy,
trying to repress this flow
of energy,
trying to escape it.

So in meditation
you learn
to recognize this flow
and surrender to it.

To live in perfect balance
and to fully surrender yourself
as the controller
so that this energy
can flow freely.

It is the entirety
of life itself
consuming you,
breaking you open,

tearing apart
your concepts
and attachments.

A joy so intense
it is heartbreaking,

flowing through you
and as you in this moment,

awakening you
to its very existence.

Stress is created
by resisting it,
by escaping it,
by fighting it in every moment.

Because the ego knows
it is its undoing.

But by being fully conscious of this energy
and allowing it to flow unhindered,
you awaken to cosmic consciousness.

This is what is known
as walking the razors edge.



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