Atlantis - Part 1 Crystals and Polar Change

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Atlantis - Part 1
Crystals and Polar Change

The information in this section came in the middle of a discussion of the Bermuda Triangle by William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. For further discussion of the Bermuda Triangle, see SOL's File – Mysteries of the Universe.

Questioner: There is a school of thought that that has something to do with the Lost Continent of Atlantis, dealing with pyramids and a crystal. Is there any truth to that?

The Council: The crystals are activated more than would normally be since below the surface of the once continent of Atlantis lie those things that have a tendency to cause the disruption in the force field, such as the gravitational force field, the magnetic force field, what have you. One of the instigating factors in the collapse of Atlantis was this that was forming then under the surface of that continent; this is all in preparation for the great change of the axis.

Questioner: When you said, "for the great change of the axis," now would that indicate any change in the axis of rotation or only the shift of the magnetic poles.

The Council: The magnetic poles.

Questioner: You mean in preparation for the upcoming change or one that has occurred in the past?

The Council: The big change is coming.

Questioner: Let me ask you if there are other places on the surface of the earth that have similar properties to them?
The Council: Yes. Twelve, and they lie in a pattern.

Questioner: I have heard it said that the Sargasso Sea is similar. Is that one of them?

The Council: The Sargasso Sea is part of the elliptical area that is referred to as the Bermuda Triangle. You will find that all these areas are elliptical in shape. "Bermuda Triangle" has a much more commercial sound to it than the "Bermuda Elliptical Area." There is a natural grid of forces on the globe. There are twelve. They run at the upper part of the sphere and at the lower part of the sphere; so that you can form, shall we say, geometric patterns by connecting them the proper way. This is a very natural condition and cannot really be referred to as phenomena, although man would probably choose to refer to it as a phenomena. These segments or elliptical patterns are or were at one time the magnetic poles of the earth. In the great change time will be definitely suspended and those who are present will be quite aware that time has been suspended. The influences of the heavenly bodies and the workings of those elements under the crust cause the reaction in these elliptical areas. Now, it could possibly be said that these are doorways to other dimensions, but this would be somewhat inaccurate. They are not truly doorways to anything but a refinement, if you wish to use those words, in one's experience or awareness; not necessarily indicating a positive situation, only indicating by the word refinement that there is a change from the gross material to possibly the gross of another dimension that could be influenced by other beings. You see, this all borders on reality and time; everything is related and is connected with all things.
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