Astrology is designed to bring ordinary human beings to level of devotion

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Astrology is designed to bring ordinary human beings to level of devotion

The Sutras written by Jaimini are the fundamental basis of Astrology and also Purva Mimamsa. Jaimini indicates various forms of God for remedy to various human beings according to their qualities. Vishnu (Saturn and Mercury), Lakshmi (Moon and Venus), Shiva (Jupiter), Skanda (Mars), Durga (Rahu) and some village deities (Ketu) are such divine forms mentioned by Jaimini. This shows that he is bringing up the ordinary human beings through cane of fear to the level of devotion.

The Uttara Mimamsa of Vyasa finally concentrates on establishing the unity (Brahman) of these divine forms. Both Jaimini and Vyasa constitute the two gradual steps in the spiritual progress. They are not opposite to each other. They sat as Judges for the debate between Shankara and Mandana Mishra and this shows the correlation between these two steps. Jaimini concentrates on sacrifice (Yajna) and even a large extent of Veda gives stress on sacrifice, which is the donation of prepared food to a deserving guest. The food indicates sacrifice of fruit of work (Karma Phala Tyaga) of the man and also the sacrifice of work (Karma Sansya) of his wife in the process of cooking the food. Hence, it is a complete sacrifice, which is the result of devotion. Devotion is the result of knowledge. Only the service involving sacrifice alone can yield the fruit. This is the spirit of stress on Yajna by Veda.

Without understanding it, people give importance to knowledge and devotion. Almost all Veda is concentrating on Yajna. If Yajna is nothing, why Veda has given so much importance by covering it to a very large extent? The followers of Jaimini gave importance to mere sacrifice without God. Mere social service without God is of very little use since it gives only temporary heaven. Hence, Jaimini joined the sacrifice with devotion to divine forms.

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You said, "Jaimini concentrates on sacrifice (Yajna) and even a large extent of Veda gives stress on sacrifice..."

So you are saying that service does not come from love--it comes from sacrifice? that it is not service if it doesn't involve a feeling of sacrifice?

What if there is no feeling of sacrifice? can it still be service? Can it still produce devotion?

Gilana | Wed, 04/21/2010 - 00:10
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Real love requires sacrifice

The real love requires the unhappiness by sacrifice. In such sacrifice one feels happy since he sacrificed to the Lord. You take the mother. She gives the food to her child and suffers with hunger. But she feels very happy in that suffering. A human being cannot give back any thing for such real love. Even if he gives something i.e., temporary only. But when the real love is proved by the sacrifice the Lord gives the permanent fruit i.e., Brahma Loka. Sakthuprashta gave his food to the Lord in human form though he was not having food for the past ten days. If the guest was an ordinary human being, the guest must have been a sadist, because he never cared about the hunger of Sakthuprastha.

But since the guest was the Lord, Sakthuprastha was given infinite wealth in this world and also the permanent Brahma Loka after death. Therefore you must be very careful in fixing the human form of the Lord. Otherwise if the human form is an ordinary human being you are deceived and such a human being is definitely a sadist. The unhappiness in sacrifice and the happiness that neutralizes unhappiness are the characteristics of the path of the sacrifice. The Lord does not insist such path.

The path should come from the depth of your heart with full willingness. If you fear for the unhappiness you can never follow that path. When the case comes to your children, you will not put this question because you have real love to them. Are you not sacrificing your food to your child even though you suffer with hunger and feel happy? Since you are not having the real love on the Lord this question is coming to your mind.
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