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Astrology and Spirituality

During your visit to any astrologer the first thing he tells you is about your time or dasha. Based on your natal chart he tells you whether you are going to a bad time or good time. What is the concept of good time and bad time? Why has nature created us to undergo bad time? To understand it first we must define bad time. Generally during bad time a person undergoes obstacles. He is unable to fulfill his desires. His materialistic needs do not get fulfilled. The most interesting observation I have made is that during the bad period the individual ego gradually comes down. I know many cases of people proud of there achievements and when they undergo a bad period they gradually gets subdued, and lose confidence in themselves which is very unfortunate.

Man should not only fulfill his materialistic needs but also his spiritual needs. Modern man has no interest to fulfill his spiritual needs. His understanding of spirituality is restricted to visiting holy places. He should be able to strike a balance between both the needs. The very basic qualification needed for spiritual growth is shedding your ego. During your bad period nature has unknowingly shed your ego giving you the opportunity to grow spiritually. This is the period where one should spend some time for spiritual rituals like meditation, yoga etc.

In the olden days astrology was called jyotisham guiding people to the path of spirituality. Astrologers used to guide people based on your chart to begin your spiritual journey. Our ancient rishis introduced the science of astrology to guide people spiritually. Astrology was only a tool for people to prepare well in advance towards the path of moksha. Personal predictions were secondary. Depending on ones natal chart the ancient rishis studied your nature and personality and based on that gave advises on how to lead ones life both spiritually and materialistically.

Unfortunately the present generation of astrologers does not guide people to spirituality. They cannot be blamed because their clients are mostly interested in solving their personal problems. They guide their clients to temples asking them to perform certain poojas. So a bad phase in life should be taken positively and as an opportunity to be in tuned with nature.
By Girish Menon

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pooja is a powerful spiritual practice

Interesting piece. Thanks!

I think vedic astrologists more advise spiritual remedies and guidance for the findings they see. Instructing to do a pooja is a legitimate and powerful spiritual practice, sometimes more powerful than those that involve the mind (e.g. inquiry, reading, meditation).

Do you have a recommendation of a good astrologist?

sonti | Sat, 03/21/2009 - 18:58