Astavakra Gita 2

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Astavakra Gita 2
Classes of Swami Probuddhananda Puri.

So now we start from the place were we have left it yesterday. It is the 9th verse, it says 'Dharma dharmo sukham dukham manasani nate vibo, na kartasi na bhoktasi mukta eva si sarvadha'. "Vibo" means all pervading, like the sky. So here "vibo" means 'me'. Ashtavakra is addressing Janak as "vibo", he says 'Oh, all pervading!'. The scriptures or the Seers of Truth, they are addressing us as this, we address ourselves as human beings, mortals, we have name, we are the son of this person or other, but the scriptures say 'Srinwontu bishwe amritasha putra' -'Oh, the inhabitants of this world, listen! You are the sun of the immortal'. This is how the scriptures address us. See the difference between our thought and their thought. Why do they speak like this? Are they lying to us? No they are not lying, they have realized this, that we are the sons of the immortals, we are not what we think.
One day Bhagavan when he was a spiritual aspirant, a disciple; he went to his master Swami Pavitranandaji. Swami Pavitranandaji was speaking about Advaita Vedanta, the highest knowledge. One of his disciples interrupted saying 'Master, you are talking about Advaita Vedanta to us, you are talking about such high thoughts, is it possible for us to realize this? Will it come to our life? Why are you teaching us this? Then Bhagavan said 'Do you think that our master is lying to us?, if it was not possible to realize this, will he just misguide us?' It is possible, and that is why Bhagavan became Bhagavan.
When you listen to this, always listen to this as the words of Brahman, as the words of the Self, the Knowledge. When you are listening to it, know that this will be practical in your life. So listen in that way, don't think that you may not achieve this, you will achieve this, listen to it with faith 'Yes, this is going to be translated into my life' Is not something which I am listening and I will forget afterwards, no, this is called 'Brahma vakya' the words of the Self. It is so powerful that if one person listens to this just once, this creates a result in him. That is why the vedas has got 'maha vakyas', means the 4 divine sentences:

- 'Aham Brahmasmi' -I am the Self, I am the Soul, I am that Brahman,
- 'Tat tvam asi' - You are That, you are that soul, you are that Brahman,
- 'Ayam Atma Brahma' -My Soul is Brahman, my Soul is the Universal Self.
- 'Prajnanam Brahma' -My knowledge is Brahman (the knowledge by whtch you are listening to me, this knowledge itself is Brahman, so you are actually receiving Brahman)

This are the four great sentences of the vedas, and it says that the person who listens this mahavakya for one time from any Sat Guru (A man who is established in the Self and who can make you realize it), you will get salvation, liberation.
So when you listen to this, always listen with a great faith, then only this will translate itself into reality.
So Bhagavan said 'do you think that our master is lying to us, that he is misguiding us?' No they are not misguiding us, we are misguiding ourselves.
When Swami Vivekananda used to speak about vedanta, 'you are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not the ego, you are the Self, you know it.' Then one person who was listening to it said 'Swamiji, are you hypnotizing us, are you brainwashing us?' Swami Vivekananda said 'No, I am not hypnotizing you, I am de-hypnotizing you, you are all hypnotized by you own mind, by your own ego, you can not do anything, when this mind starts working on you, you are hypnotize, I am trying to de-hypnotize you', I am trying to make you free from all this, become free from all your fears, from all your ego, from the darkness of your mind, see the light, embrace the light; the light that is within you, which has always been within you and traveled with you for millions and millions of years, it can not be transferred. We talk about that when we go to the master, the master give us energy, no the master doesn't give us energy, the more mind is eradicated, the more the mind is diluted, the inner energies, the latent energies that we have within us gets activated, they manifest. It is not adding,it is substrating. You have to melt within that self, as you melt you are converting yourself into energy. Now some of you tell me that you can not wake up, you can not do anything, some great energy is working on you, this is happening because your body was not used to this energy, you were used to all type of material energies, physical energies, worldly energies, you were very good in that; but now when you are listening to this Self-knowledge, advaita vedanta, where there is no other than your Self, you are hearing about that oneness where the knower, the known and the knowledge becomes one. This trinity becomes one, there is no difference, advaita vedanta doesn't talk about seeing God, it talks about becoming God, means I am elevating my mind into such a level where I mix with that God, that Self, and I become that Self. 'Paramam Brahma vida brahmaiva bhavati' A man who has known the supreme Self becomes Brahma, he becomes that Self. Today we where reading the Bhagavatam, there it says the same thing. We were reading that Brahma (the Lord of creation) is praying to Krishna, he prays 'Oh Lord, you are the Self of everybody', so my Self is Lord Krishna. We talk about Lord Krishna, who is He?He is your Self, the Self of everybody, the knowledge within everybody, the light within everybody. That knowledge, that infinite take form, the form of Lord Krihsna, that is also said in that prayer.