aspects of my kundalini awakening inc. a teaching from master chrism

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Before I ever heard the word Kundlaini I experienced Divine energy move within me, infuse and begin its Divine transformation.

I often say that I experienced kundlaini first during a mega awakening event, and this is true - but it is also true to say that not only did I "have" the expereince I "was" that experience - there was unity consciousness - this is not easy to articulate for me but such unity consciousness continues to happen with the grace of kundlaini - in small doses as kundalini knows what the "little i " can handle - lol!

If a person has not had a kundalini awakening it can be almost imposssible to believe what kundlaini brings to the physical body and to all the bodies of expression -

it is so amazing, so divine, that words fail to describe the tactile deliciousness of it and the tactile challenge of it - these two aspects and more are what kundalini brings to the temple - and all the while such are but means to an end and are not to be attached to. I soon discovered that Surrender is key - surrender of my life and control of my life to the Kundalini that has awakened within me.
Love joy bliss pain are aspects that are way beyond any previous experiences of these that I have had - I would like to share this teaching from my own guru Master Chrism, with love and gratitude <> ruby

" The Joy can be absolutely immense.

The Love can be so vast as to freeze you in mid stride.

These are very powerful energies unleashed by the Kundalini and too much can be damaging.

Ecstasy is so strong that it can incapacitate a person - So instead of these qualities being there all the time the inner divine allows us to have them for only brief periods so we can adjust to them as we need to.

It is the same with the pain.

The pain is often part of the adjustment process.

As our bodies expand to the inner transformation we are sometimes pained from that inner transformation.

It will often be too much for the ego to take and fear will be experienced.

Our ego will take us into the emergency room but most often nothing is found. Drugs may be administered but they will not help.

This is merely the pain from the change.

It will pass and one needs to make the mental and emotional modifications and be patient and allow it to pass.

This is a rapid school of experience -

Sometimes in this rapid school the lessons can come too fast and furious for our ego minds to hold without taking

what used to be normal steps for the prevention and clearing of pain.

Never forget what is occurring -

even if you do not have symptoms that are tremendous please realize that the Kundalini changes are always continuing.

The process never stops. -

blessings all. - chrism "