Ashaman's humle life view points

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Let’s start with a prayer to the God of our loving hearts and conscious understanding.
“Oh, merciful God how wise You Are! You made every one of us a little different from each other, but this small difference makes the big difference. Our skills combination is very varied and rich. I thank you!”
Every time we use this prayer we will be a step further to our self-improvement.
God has given us a piece of heaven by creating beautiful Mother Nature for our enjoyment and constant motivation. What we humbly ask you is that you remove the blindfold in many people, so they stop destroying one of your beautiful creations. Mentioning our current vocation, let’s never forget that we are eternal students in the school called life our vocation is our preparatory school for the constant development of our personality by experimenting practical issues.
Remember that there are no short cuts to supremacy! Everything lasting and valuable needs constant efforts and great discipline.
Our vocation, whatever it is, provides avenues for its expression, so we must squeeze the most of it.
It is an excellent starting departure point. Our self-improvement is a never ending positive activity makes a middle term goal right now, and in our ninth month we will be able to enjoy an hour daily spend in fructiferous meditation?
We can accomplish this being smart by dividing our year in three stages. Our first stage will consider meditating for just twenty minutes the first four months; our second stage we will meditate for forty minutes for the next four months in our last stage will be spent meditating sixty minutes
Our daily meditation then will be a trustable measure to pass from grade to grade. Our spiritual path is long and full of surprises, good and bad.
If we really wish that our lives become a full and beautiful blooming of all our attributes, skills and divine gifts which God Himself gave us a very long time ago we must always do our very best to awaken these dormant faculties so, when they start awaking they immediately will affect our daily lives making them not only more bearable, but much more enjoyable. It will be so enjoyable that the smile on our faces will become a happy feature to be shared with everybody.

Let’s close this reading by saying with all our love the next prayer:
“Oh, God of my loving brave heart, allow us to become more aware of our not fully awaked spiritual abilities and will you please, enlighten our understanding so, we can truly help each other by given us the courage to share our experiences for the benefit of beautiful mankind. We beg you so feverishly because we want to become more reliable channels from your kingdom here on planet Earth. Amen!”
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