ascended masters

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Ascended masters. There is much talk of them, but where are they ? have you met one ?. How can we be certain till we see with our own eyes, feel in our own hearts. Who's lucky enough to make friends with one ?. This is not skepticism, just rational. How can i believe truly when i have not experienced?
to know yourself not to be told that someone is channeling their spirit, have them there in the flesh in front of you.
No doubt in your heart. How many get that ?.
and if you have, then you know that only direct experience will help. no channeling,no one else saying the exist. Just them in your presence.
Any ascended masters who can understand this feel free to drop by and give me a big spiritual slap i would be grateful for.

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Masters select their

Masters select their media(disciples)when they come to earth they even do this after leaving the human body.They come to earth with a definite plan(spiritual).They create some workings during prayer and the mediums receive messages from their masters through these workings

mbnarayana | Wed, 03/20/2013 - 09:36
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Just words friend. empty.

Just words friend. empty.

Mr jack | Wed, 03/20/2013 - 20:06
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Your right. I was foolish. I

Your right. I was foolish. I apologize.
Love and peace to you.

Mr jack | Wed, 03/20/2013 - 22:18
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Like, a magician who need not to perfrom any magic infront of his childrens to prove himself as FATHER.
Similarly, a master need not give any spiritual slap in order to prove himself as Godman (father).

jasdir singh jaura | Tue, 05/21/2013 - 10:31
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ascended or descended or whatever

My feedback to your questions are in

Of course there is no certainty and of course the answer will not be found in the rational analysis.

I personally don't care if a master has ascended or descended or whatever. I try his/her teachings and test the effect. This also is not bullet proof. I may jump to conclusions too early or be overwhelmed by preliminary effects that may not be an indication about the long term. But this is the limited reality we are in and realizing that it is so is maybe the most important realization.

happy together | Tue, 05/21/2013 - 23:32