Art of Observation

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Observation is an arduous task. The reason is that we have to learn it anew as it is not taught in schools or colleges or by parents. Not that it can be taught like the other things for the means is the end.
Learning something totally new cannot be done through a cumulative process for 'Observation' is not dependent on linear time.

It requires self-initiation and we do not know what that would be for it is not the same as self help. It may require experimentation, patience and unflagging will which is not seeking ready made answers or easy solutions.

Society is built on authority and we depend on the authority of our experiences for security. Questioning is known more as an act of rebellion rather than a tool for discovering something living and new. So one has to learn this too.

Effort is linked to reward that is predictable and tangible. Yet this learning of Observation may have no rewards that accrue immediately or what we are accustomed to expect. It is in some respects a thankless task that one undertakes with little or no comfort except a glimmer of hope in the example of a person if one is lucky enough to meet such a one which these days is highly unlikely.

Observation nonetheless is indispensable to discovery of sanity and joy of living that we need to leave no stone unturned to find it though the odds be against us.