The Art of Meditation - 2

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As we dip deep in meditation, we relax profoundly. We feel utmost freedom in all walks of life. Our thoughts become independent. Mental equilibrium happens. Even if we don’t desire, some supra-mental powers step in. They may transform into super natural powers. Common people accept them as miracles. We should be very cautious at this Juncture. They are crossroads. We can’t decide in which direction to proceed.

DON’T HANG ON TO DILEMMA FOR LONG. JUST DRIVE IN. YOU’LL HAVE EXPERIENCE IN NOTHINGNESS. We can develop confidence in Sadhana. Just try. Reduce the feeling, expand the inner, and find the unknown, new world, where you are an honorable guest. YOUR OUR CONSCIENCE TURNS AS ATMA. There you can record your experiences in your sub-conscience. Your own spiritual experiences cause potential growth towards Paramatma. At every step, you can re-charge your batteries with life energies. You will turn to be a live-wire. You can give connections where your energy is needed.

Meditation is trance like. Yoga is transcendental. It is not sleep but nearer to sleep. It is sleep with conscience. Meditation is opposite to sleep. To be conscious in Yoga, meditation is the best method. Mind always keeps conscious and awake. It never sleeps. In an awakened state the mind tries to waken the soul. It is our Self that carries our conscious to higher regions. There we enjoy higher consciousness. That is called Paramatma.

- Master CVV Namaskaram-