The Art of Meditation

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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram-Master CVV Namaskaram-



What is the technic? Which is the path?

Make an entry into your heart’s silence. Find a path into your inner, through your heart. Just bypass the mind. That is more than enough.

When you merge in nothingness you’ll find a way by yourself for your SELF. When you are physically static, you will be mentally stable. When you are stable in mind you will be quiet. That quietness belongs to the heart’s core. There lies higher consciousness. That is the abode of Almighty or Paramatma.

REALLY, THERE ARE NO TECHNICS FOR MEDITATION. Bout our ancestors have derived many methods, formed many rules and regulations according to their fancy. We dare say that one system is good and the other is not. One is superior and the others are inferior. One person may fall in love with one method, another person with an other. It depends on the state and culture of man. Likes and dislikes are natural.

Men have different attitudes. Men differ accordingly. Their Psychology differs. So, their tastes and temperaments vary. One method suits one type of people. Another system suits another type of people. The choice and selection depend upon their mind and culture. THOSE WHO CANNOT JUMP INTI SILENCE, CHOOSE HATHA YOGA AND PRANAYAMA METHODS. After some practice they can divert their minds on pure meditation. THE FOUNDATION DIFFERS WITH THEIR FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.

PRACTICALLY MEDITATION DOES NOT REQUIRE ASANA AND PRANAYAMA PRACTICES. Yet many Yogis follow eight Yoga principles of Patanjali. By such method’s they try to grip the mind, gain control over thoughts. Some others prefer concentration. The aim of these practices is nothing but silencing the mind and submerging of thoughts in nothingness. A great confusion arises in the process. SO YOU NEED A GURU OR MASTER TO CHECK YOUR SHORT COMMINGS.


MEDITATION NEEDS NO CONCENTRATION. ONLY CONTEMPLATION ANDCLARITY OF MIND ARE NEEDED. As soon as you close your eyes, you must be able to dip deep in silence. THOUGHTS SHOULDNOT COME INTO YOUR MIND. FOR THAT, YOU MUST BE PEACEFUL, MUST HAVE NO WORRIES AND PROBLEMS. Then, in no time, you can forget the world around and jump a silence and drives on the waves of consciousness. This observation on “INNER” becomes a natural meditation.

Whenever you sit for Meditation, vulgar thoughts and scenes may disturb you. You will have temptations, sensuous feelings. You will not be able to drive them out. There is a technic to control them and to drive them out. Don’t pay attention to them. Do not heed them at all. They will disperse and dissolve. That work will be done without your interference. It means, with no intervention of your senses. That shows you have traveled beyond the reach of the senses. Wonderful! You are nearer to extra sensory perception. Then your mind begins to sleep, thoughts do not disturb your meditation. That is the right way to Samadhi.

The freshers should not take meditation seriously. IF THEY CONSIDER IT SERIOUS, IT WILL CREATE TENSIONS. They should take it very casual and routine. As time passes sincerity steps in, seriousness develops. Just ten minutes meditation is enough. MEDITATION AND YOGA ARE NOT TWO SEPARATE ITEMS. THEY ARE ONE. WHEN MEDITATION TAKES A TURN IT WILL BE YOGA. Till you find a proper Guru, let your meditation be slow. Nothing will happen. Don’t expect some miracle to happen. WHEN YOU FIND A GFURU, HE WILL PULL YOU UP. HE WILL CREATE STABLE ATMOSPHERE FOR YOUR YOGA PRACTICE. HOW? The grace of a Guru works out wonders. YOU WILL BE A DIFFERENT PERSON BY HIS TOUCH. A metamorphose takes place in you. You cannot estimate that change. HOW IT HAPPENS SO SUDDENLY? WHEN THE GURU INITIATES YOU BY TOUCH OR THOUGHT YOU ARE CHANGED. Under his supervision and guidance, you will turn to Yoga line. GAINING PERFECTION LIES IN YOUR STYLE AND SERIOUSNESS.

Some people, even in the first sitting by the touch of a Guru can dip into trance. They are fortunate for their yoga in the past life, had been linked to this life. The Guru is also fortunate to catch hold of an experienced sadhaka. No Guru takes credit for himself for the speedy development of a Sadhaka. Both the Guru and Sishya should feel happy for their meeting in this life.

It is called Yoga culture. It is heritage. It was earned in the past lives. Now it is brought forward. HOWEVER LITTLE YOUR MEDITATION IS, IT WILL NOT BE WASTED. One day or other it will yield good results. By simple meditation one will be conscious of himself. He can fix his goal and start living in a right path.

To be cont...

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Meditation & Sleeping

Very simple and precise. Thanks! That's it! I don't understand why 'meditation' has become such an issue with masses. Moreover, I can't come to terms with the fact that some people charge money for meditation classes, how & why? I can understand the 'earning livelihood or bread-butter' factor, but why through teaching meditation or yoga. Meditation and Yoga are tools to achieve Union with the Self and ultimately GOD. Is it commercially available/possible???

Will we charge money to someone for helping him/her go to sleep? Then, nurses at the hospitals should be the highest paid medical professionals! Now even peace seeking methods are for a price, as it is Peace is Pricy and in Pieces!

For spiritual students who are under a spiritual guru, meditation should become "A Way Of Life' for them. Meditation and its practice brings about different changes in the person. There is no instant enlightenment attained in meditation or spiritualism. Just as we cook food at low flame. stir the mixture and ingredients, pre-taste the level of spice and salt, add water and cover the lid for proper temperature and steam, etc. Likewise, our meditation also cooks and prepares us. Keep in mind, we have to cook, not overheat and burn ourselves. We see and meet so many enlightened gurus or lets say even those listed here in this Gurusfeet website; they have also attained enlightenment through hardwork and great pains, nothing is instant or spontaneous. Attaining spirituality is open for all and highly possible, but not at all easy. My Murshid, Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi says that "Attaining true spirituality is like munching iron-peas!" - in other words open to all but not meant for all. Everyone benefits but not everyone excels. That is why, all our gurus are really precious people; they can only be called true human beings. They eat, sleep, marry, have sex, beget children, fall sick, suffer worldly materialistic problems, etc, yet, their conduct and attitude and approach is so graceful and spiritual. Whereas, we do it to only for the satisfaction of the animalistic-egotistic urges & desires.

Again, as indicated here in your article, most certainly, without a spiritual master's guidance, love, support and blessings, a disciple, seeker, a spiritual enthusiast, is nothing. Spirituality is all about God, but nothing without a Guru. I am not implying 'Guru-Worship' here, not at all, and never will. Just as we need a physical mother and father to be born here in this world, likewise, we need a spiritual master/guru/murshid/mentor/guide to be born and step into the spiritual world. Seriously, WE ARE NOTHING without a GURU!!!

Coming back to meditation. Just as we cannot dream without sleeping (not day-dreaming), likewise, we cannot enter the active subconscious zone without meditating. If you are a beginner, and always be, just dose-off to sleep. Keep sleeping while you are sitting in the posture. Let this go on and on for years. God Willing, there will come a time that you will wake-up internally. You will see that your body is a medium through which you are sensing and seeing everything around you. Just like looking through a camera, binocular or even a pinhole. Now at this stage one should start practicing physical desensitization and for all those who have practiced breathing exercises will reap some benefits. Just as the soul wakes up within the body and the body is no more than an outer-garment; while maintaining your breathing constant and senses not too excited (from this awakening), just push yourself ahead and go out of this body or to wherever your spiritual eye can see.

This is still not a completely spiritual state, as the Soul is hidden under 70,000 layers of energy/aura. Just like an onion. There are so many layers and right in the middle is the stick. Out of these 70,000 layers of energy, 69,999 are spiritual layers (related to subconscious zone) and only one layer is material (related to the conscious zone), and the speed of each layer is 60,000 times faster than the conscious state. Which means that between the conscious and subconscious world, there is only one veil/curtain and we are moving 60,000 times slower than our actual speed. Its really a pigskin, really thick and filthy! Hence, purification and spirituality and gurus and prophets and saints and meditation and chanting and invoking God's attribute, prayers, religion, etc etc etc, all come to our aid. So that, this thick layer of energy is compressed and lightened or completely removed. Those who live with this thick pig-skin layer of energy become materialistic and what not in this world, and those who lighten the density and the grip of this pig-skin or completely discard it, become human and/or spiritual.

We all know that meditation has many benefits namely physical, mental, spiritual. And when a beginner starts meditating initially it affects his physiology which very gradually but efficiently translates into emotional or mental stability and harmony. And this is a long and arduous journey. Meditation becomes part of a spiritual journey only for a spiritual person, not for seekers. There's a difference between flying a plane and flying in a plane..hahahaaaa...

Just two months back when I was with my Murshid/Master, I was complaining to him that still after 12 years of meditating and by doing a certain meditation exercise which he prescribed, I fall asleep, why is that? As usual, my Murshid smiled and said, "A new born child sleeps for 21-22 hours everyday, because it is necessary for his physical & conscious growth. Similarly, you are still a child in this spiritual journey. With time, your sleep will reduce and duration of wakefulness will increase in the spiritual world."

So my dear souls, its ok to sleep...ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzzzzzzz!

Thanks to 'Mastercvvyoga' for this facilitation. And sorry if I got carried away...;)


Azeemi | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 10:54
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Dear friend, your

Dear friend, your description is excellent.


Mastercvvyoga | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 13:46
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And after 24 years of

And after 24 years of meditating, what will your 'masters' excuse be then?
It's ego that strives to become, that imagines it has something to accomplish or acheive, that declares success at every turn, only to find yet one more turn ahead. It's the seeking that prevents Self realization, whether it's the seeking for fame and fortune, or the seeking for spiritual experience or whatever passes in the mind for Truth. This seeking springs from the false ego itself. The notion that there is a person brings with it the need ro fulfill the imaginary needs of this imaginary person. This is what seeking is about.

Ego will use all of these methods, techniques and practices to postpone that which it pretends to be seeking, which does not include ego. What is being sought is that which is seeking. How many years of meditation will it take to find what you already are, what is too close for you to find in any meditative mind state or through any technique or practice. It's all a delay tactic so that ego can see itself as an acomplished spiritual seeker. Truly, what has it accomplished?

Phroggy | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 22:22
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A popular movie out right now is "Final Destination 4". Wonder how many more final destinations there will be? (LOL).

Omkaradatta | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 05:30
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That is funny...LOL! How many more final destinations???


Azeemi | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 12:09
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tactic so that ego can see itself as an accomplished spiritual..

tactic so that ego can see itself as an accomplished spiritual seeker.
Yes,This is the case at last.
But do you think that,this ego is so weak ?
No, this ego is not so weak but the strongest one for a individual one and a seeker can not destroy it without any tool.
This ego is the last barrier in the path of Truth & without leaving this ego completely one can not see the Truth.
Do you think that this ego can be left?
No, it can not be left without any efforts,but it leaves automatically when one use some defined tool.
Mere preachings and mere reading books no one can leave it.
One has to go through process of introspection by following a defined tool.
The last veil in the path of Truth is ego and one can not leave it,but by using some defined tool,the ego leaves itself.
No one has the ability to leave it,but yes ego leaves one but not by only saying,but undergoing through process of any defined path.

madan_gautam | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 06:27
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We agree except when it

We agree except when it comes to the use of a "defined tool". Ego will use every tool as a distraction and diversion, the same way it uses concepts. The method, technique, procedure is usurped by mind to avoid the nothingness it pretends to be seeking (assuming one has any idea of the significance of this) and to give ego a sense of accomplishment. This is what the poster is referring to, an accomplishment. What is it that accomplishes but ego? The tools are traps for ego and everyone falls into them.

The only 'meditation' that I would recommend is doing precisely nothing, with no thought, no goal, no technique, not even the thought that a thought is being watched. The only reason i suggest it is to realize it cannot be done because ego is not in charge of the mind. Ego is one of the erroneous thoughts IN the mind. This realization is potentially helpful.

Phroggy | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 19:39
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"Doing nothing"

Nisargadatta expressed 'doing nothing' as "Just BE-ing".

Fwiw, I'd recommend this, too.

Just be.

It's far too simple, too easy, too non-task-oriented for 'ego' to ever get interested in.

And, it is also just simple awareness, just being aware of what is happening.

Omkaradatta | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 22:11
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P.S. (meditation)

P.S. it's kinda funny folks here have told me "go meditate" so often -- if "just BE-ing with little or no thought" is meditation, then I probably meditate between 8 and 12 hours/day.

But of course, they're really telling themselves to get away from the computer and go meditate. People don't understand the nature of 'communication', or maybe just won't accept it. There are not-two to communicate, in truth, only a "conceptual two" that's never actually two.

Omkaradatta | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 02:50
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Hello Phroggy,

I'm surprised you observed my Master's guidance/comments as 'excuse'. But I pray to God to fill your mouth with honey and sweets and your heart with love and light, for wishing my Master a long life (82 + 24 yrs more). I say, Amen!!!!

There's nothing more precious to a disciple than to see his/her Spiritual Master attain a long life and provide a cool shadow of love and guidance in his physical state/life. I'm sure Yogi Madan-Gautam would happily agree.

I dont know, but do you have a Spiritual Master? In a proper Master-Disciple relationship, excuses & philosophies dont exist.

I wish you well in your spiritual world, and thank you for commenting. I will try to realign myself by pondering over what you said. God Bless!


Azeemi | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 12:06
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My comments were not really

My comments were not really about your teacher, and so my words were not chosen carefully. Ignore that if it offends you.

I've heard more than one 'master' comment that he will be grateful when death comes for then there will be complete freedom. Interesting that you would wish more of it for your master. Does the master feel the same way? Does he, too, cling to life?

Phroggy | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 19:46
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Reality proves the opposite

And after 24 years of doing nothing what will your excuse be then?

It's ego that strives to protect itself against the contra influence of meditation of which it is terrified and with reason, not the reason it sells you in order to make sure you do not even dare to try anything.

Do 10 minutes of meditation every morning when you wake up for only one week, just 10 minutes for only one week, but make sure you do it every day, what can be frightening about 10 minutes? What can you lose in 10 minutes for only one week? Prove to yourself in this short easy experience that your are right. Don't abandon your opinion. Just 10 minutes. And then review what you wrote and hopefully laugh, or not.

lalo | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 12:35
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I guess you must think I'm a

I guess you must think I'm a child dressed up like an old guy. Hehe. I've been doing spiritual stuff for decades, but it didn't take decades for me to see through the traps of mind states, relaxation techniques, mind control and imagined spiritual accomplishments. Here's a good rule of thumb; if you've come to enjoy your meditations, they aren't working to destroy you anymore, but to feed you. Your ego didn't overcome the fear of meditation, it simply found a way to feed itself from it. So, how many years have you been accomplishing spiritual things with your meditations? Has your 'master' told you it's okay to stay asleep?

Abandon your ego reinforcing techniques and start getting serious about the Truth. Don't do this just 10 minutes a day but make it a part of your life, to see only the truth in everything. Your ego will not like it, and after a while you won't feel so much like condescending to others. The only thing that will matter is what's true, because there will be no other way out.

Phroggy | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 20:00
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I wonder...

I wonder if he's speaking directly to 'himself', i.e. has not done 10 minutes/day meditating for one week himself?

Trying to 'fix others' is a sign of being dissatisfied with oneself. In some way or another, he feels something isn't right with "what's happening for him spiritually".

Omkaradatta | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 16:05
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Well, yeah, it's likely most

Well, yeah, it's likely most here have at least an unconscious recognition that ego never overcame it's existential fear of nothingness, and so that fear is endlessly projected. The denial of the fear, or the covering over with techniques, mind states and ego goals is not the same thing as overcoming this fear, and even overcoming the fear is an ego driven goal. Better to question the reality of the one who finds emptiness/nothingness/stillness intollerable. But of course it first has to be admitted that ego hasn't triumphed over itself.

Phroggy | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 20:35
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Yes, Yoga should be a part

Yes, Yoga should be a part of our life. In general most of us see yoga as a separate activity. Some say's, we have no time for doing yoga. I think they will understand when the time comes.

Mastercvvyoga | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 14:29