Arise Awake and Stop Not

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We have collectively forgotten what it means to live. Let us look at it from a different perspective. We could live life either in a mechanical way or in a way that could be called conscious. To understand what it means to live in a mechanical way we must look at sleep. Often we use terms like daydreaming or absent minded for a person who is lost in his thoughts and is not aware of the surroundings. Sleep is also characterised by dreams and there is no awareness of physical world of senses. On waking up the dream state does not vanish but continues in another form which is called mechanical thinking or imagination..
To be fully awakened is not be affected by this dream world and may be our natural state once the habit of dreaming is done away with.. Yet we could take care in order that dreams do not interrupt our waking. This is done by being aware of our surroundings and body sensations. We must check this from time to time with a proviso that we remain conscious of the seer at the same time. So it is a kind of double awareness. Same could be done with our emotions. In this way we not only understand our psyche but will be able to reduce the influence of mechanical thinking.