Are you tolerated or loved?

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We carry on with our relationships, days and nights accepting about how much we love something or how much we love someone including family. We take it for granted on small things in life right from the bed that keeps us comfortable, water that is clean for us to purify selves etc.. we take our loved ones also granted the same way most of the times. Thought comes when there is a doubt - we never do stop ourselves and ask "Am I being tolerated/accomodated or Am I loved?" Tolerating someone or something does not mean we love them. That brings about an interesting revelation within our self.

Next time when we push someone we love or when we make a demand on loved ones.. let us think for a moment - am i being accomodated/tolerated? That brings about a humility immediately and we can let go of the ego.

All said and done, sometimes we do need to accomodate/tolerate and be tolerated or accomodated but it should not be a way of life..

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Life is like a Sweet Poison

Life is like a Sweet Poison,
All relations like father,mother,brother,sister,even friends are because of deeds which one has to pay or recieve
from somebody, once the deeds are clear we have to leave that person, but we create new deeds by doing good and bad works for our next coming births.

jasdir singh jaura | Tue, 08/17/2010 - 06:25
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Its difficult to understand.

First I Welcome you on this site.
If we all do your duty towards our family for fulfill our responsibility without encouraging our affection and love(up to ertain level)in all .It will be more useful to progress in spiritual path and avoid pain of when they go away (dis attache ) from us.
Some time our loved one don't see a need to expose their love .Thing which you have already not you care much about them. Temptation is remain in mind until you not acquire it .After some time in life its only responsibility remain for maintain family and society due to many reasons.

To avoid pain of dis attachment
Don't attached with some with affection except with God.
God will welcome you with love and peace when we have to leave all one day.

Trilok | Tue, 08/17/2010 - 08:35