Are you passing a very bad time?

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Are you passing a very bad time –suffering from misfortune?

Is there nothing to free from it?

Now leave all and get shelter of the MahaAnand.

Establish a temple of MahaAnand and be preacher.

You will find amazingly, how soon the bad time will be gone!

Visit these websites =

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i shall try
thank yu for the write up
god bless

Thanx for d mail
Have a Happy 2009
Peace,Love,Health,Riches 4 Yu
Stay Happy,Indomitable
Lesliey Love

LeslieTripathy | Wed, 02/18/2009 - 08:36
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Many Thanks!

Already I have been benefited through the ‘MahaYoga’ of MahaAnand. ( )

Dayamoyee | Wed, 02/18/2009 - 13:12
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Already you have benefitted? You mean to say you have recently accepted the invitation to explore this religion? Why does it say this on your profile:

"I am devotee of the MahaAnand and follower of 'MahaVad' –the true-spiritual and religious doctrine taught by MahaAnand –the great sage of the modern age. To know about 'MahaVad' and 'MahaAnand' please search through Yahoo and Google.

I am dedicated to human service. I am a preacher of 'Maha Vad' - the only true spiritualism and the great religious doctrine of the new millennium. You may call it a new 'Vedanta'. Originally our religion is Humanism. Our devotion to Human interests. To know elaborately about it please visit our web sites–– & , I am a member of MAHA (Maha Anand's Holy Association )."

Present yourself honorably, with integrity. Much silliness is regularly forgiven here if there is no intention to deceive.

Phroggy | Wed, 02/18/2009 - 22:10
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That is why I became devotee of MahaAnand

Once I had passed very troublesome bad time for many years. No one and nothing had been able to help me in any way. At last one of my friends advised me to get shelter of the most venerable MahaAnand. She said me; the MahaAnand is the one only deliverer in this critical time.
As her advice I began to mutter his name continuously. Nearly after three months, gradually the time had been changed. After six months I became a happy and lucky one. After that I became a devotee of the MahaAnand and slowly I became a follower of the great doctrine –‘MahaVad’. Now I am a preacher also.

Dayamoyee | Sat, 02/21/2009 - 10:48
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Truth lies in details

This generic text says nothing. It could be said also about sitting in the beach and watching the sunset every day, watching TV 24h or taking a prescribed psychiatric drug.

You need to be more specific and concrete to convince us darling.

See my questions in the blog post you put with a duplicate of this same text.

sonti | Sat, 02/21/2009 - 11:20
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You made no attempt to respond to my question. You repeat the same words over and over, your mission is to preach, to sell, to create as many websites as possible, which are equally uninformative. On the surface, it looks very much like a cult. If you have anything of depth to offer, I invite you to do so. You both sound like used car salesmen and I don't think anybody is interested in what you're selling.

Phroggy | Sat, 02/21/2009 - 19:25
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Devotion helps to avail desired thing, that which is far off reachable in debate.

Dayamoyee | Sun, 02/22/2009 - 14:53
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Devotion to Truth. Devotion to God, not a God/man who would have you hawk his wares like a street merchant. The scent of God is deep inside yourself, subtle and profound, silent and humbling. God does not need your advertisment or your preaching. God is not the one in trouble, in ignorance, in darkness. Follow the guru who will not be followed, who points you repeatedly and irreverently back to the source of your ignorance and will not play your games or feed your foolishness.

Phroggy | Sun, 02/22/2009 - 19:48
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Achieving desires

> Devotion helps to avail desired thing,

Achieving desires is not what spirituality is about -- that is worldly.

Using spirituality to achieve goals seems silly here, but by all means... pray to the MahaAnand if you think he listens. The devotional path is fine, of course, but who/what one is devoted to will vary with the individual. There's no need to advertise some particular object of devotion.

P.S. the Source of the MahaAnand is within, and available to everyone. This is what I see as the main issue with the devotional path -- the followers are always arguing about who is God. Of course, the path of Self-enquiry has its issues too, but at least they aren't the source of endless arguments...

Omkaradatta | Sun, 02/22/2009 - 20:54
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Yes, it's interesting, actually. There's been an assumption that devotion is ultimately to God. (I mean, what else?) But lately I keep hearing about God men, and since we personify God in a man, then we justify worshiping the man. That's when things start to go horribly wrong.

Phroggy | Sun, 02/22/2009 - 23:52
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Not only god-men...

Even worship of God seems to get split, into Allah and Jesus and etc. The mind is "famous" for its ability to bifurcate and divide, eh? ;-). Mankind can't even keep it to a single God. Yet everybody can look within, egolessly. Nothing to brag about or advertise or complain about there.

Hard to say how much interest there is in self-enquiry... it's not something that really needs to be talked about much. Could be there's plenty of interest, it just isn't discussed much on forums... who knows.

Omkaradatta | Mon, 02/23/2009 - 10:49
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Jesus, it sounds like a suggestion from a drug dealer.

seeker | Wed, 02/18/2009 - 21:07
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The real fact is…..

There are two wings in this new religion. The main part of this modern religious society is for science conscious and spiritual conscious men, who have eagerness for self-knowledge, self-realization and self-development. There is no worshiping of God. Their main practice is ‘Knowledge-Yoga’ ––main theme is ‘Awake up…..get up…..develop your self’, ––the path of blooming consciousness.

The other part is for devotees of MahaAnand and the followers of ‘Devotion-Yoga’. People those who have not eagerness for ‘Knowledge-Yoga’, and want to be happy remaining on the feet of Guru, in the shelter of Guru and/or the God, those who think the Guru is the God or the incarnation of the God, and have placed MahaAnand in their lotus heart with love and devotion, they are partakers of this division.

Though I think, there is a motive in back-ground to convert the ‘Devotion-Yogi’ to ‘Knowledge-Yogi’. I have seen the main activities of this society are to make people science-conscious ––self-conscious and true-spiritual-conscious.

Now here in this site, some devotees made us confused. Once one person has posted a topic on true-spiritualism (that which is copied from other website of MAHA), again another time he/she has posted another topic on devotional propaganda. Actually they have not understood the main tune of this religion. I would like to remind them the slogan. ‘A religion which helps to bloom the mind is considered to be the true religion’.

maha | Tue, 02/24/2009 - 05:51
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You sound like one of the Seventh day Adventists...

You sound like one of the Seventh day Adventists...

Why this hard sell?

Dear Mahavadins,

Proclaiming the word is one thing- announcing the arrival of the Messiah another...

You know, people respect your master through your conduct- most people would like to hear you and your views on spiritual topics rather than all the links and debating whether Kalki/ or the latest version(read incarnation of the prophet) 2009.1 has arrived...

Love and Blessings,

anony17 | Tue, 02/24/2009 - 06:58
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Can I get 2009.1 as downloadable upgrade or do I have to order it in the box?.....

Phroggy | Tue, 02/24/2009 - 07:09
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New box or used?
pirated editions and viral marketing have flooded the market!

For a genuine upgrade- please contact http://www.hogwashand bogus.commie and get the new DVD with instructional Video and free product upgrades through out the new iron age.

Only USD $1.29 for a single pack. Multiple user pack also available.

Online support will be available 24x7

anony17 | Tue, 02/24/2009 - 07:25
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Immature Ejaculation

What on earth and in your Mahayoga Universe is this 'Immature Ejaculation'? Its up on the first page of the site in green referring to Mahayoga-4(?) dear preacher...

If it is what I assume it is, then, you mean that one's libido and sexual desire has to be controlled- well that's a controversial subject and has been debated ad infinitum for aeons.

Personally, I would be quite surprised to find that it has anything to do with spirituality at all...

Unless it is 'Il Orgasmo Del Dios...'

anony17 | Tue, 02/24/2009 - 08:06
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Behind the great creation, also there is sexuality.

Our spiritual point of view is different from you. Our spirituality is based on our present life. Sex is a main part of our life. There where is creativity, certainly behind it, there is sexuality. Behind the Maha creation, also there is sexuality.

maha | Thu, 02/26/2009 - 10:23