Answers by Human "5" (five) Sences

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May if "God" comes and invite somebody to stay along with him in the "Heaven", For Ever, Than the answer which appears from his or her "5" sences of mind would be like that:
Sence 1st: "I" have not married yet,first "I" want to spend a honeymoon with my wife, Than "I" will go with u.

Sence 2nd: Somebody has killed my father, first "I" want to take revenge from that person, After killing him ,Than "I" will go with u

Sence 3rd: "I" have earned sufficent money in my life, First let me do the shopping with all that money,then "I" will go with u

Sence 4th: "I" just want to see the birth of my son,s child, Than his child, Than his, Than his, Than his than ...."I" can go with u

Sence 5th: Firstly u beg me too much to go with u ,than "I" will think, May be "I" can go with u


Well everybody want's to see god, or get Enlightenment,
if one cannot leave all these five big tastes of his or her Sences, Than why to see "God", why Enlightenment, why sprituality, why true guru's, why true teachers,

"God" does not play drama like we peoples ,
"God" does not create unwanted tensions like we peoples,

He always flows in Unconditional "Love"
Ever ever ever.......