Answer to life, universe and everything!

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What *is* the answer to life, the universe and everything?

Hint: It isn't 42.

What am I? Who am I? How did I get here? What is the meaning of all this? Why was I born? Why do I have to die? What am I, really???

The answer is...

Fill in the blank here: ____________

Seriously -- the answer is to continue asking yourself these questions. Keep the focus on yourself, instead of others. Become interested in your own existence, *truly* interested.

Depending on your sincerity and devotion to this, the universe will begin to reveal her secrets.

If you're dissatisfied with pro wrestling, cheesy game-cubes, actors/actresses showing off their bodies, Burger King commercials, Get Rich Quick schemes, dudes with their pants hanging down to their ankles, bad post-post-hip-hop music, plastic disposable cell phones, eating twinkies and watching the icing ooze out, sitting on the couch eating greasy $2.00 microwave pizzas, etc... THIS PATH is definitely for you ;-).

Turn off the TV permanently, set aside some time every day and just... sit there. Sit there and ponder your own existence. Ponder the "I".. what am I?

Look out through your own eyes for a change, instead of thinking about being looked at by others.

Look, but don't look at anything in particular -- just see, feel and hear everything around you, all of it at once, both inside and outside you.

Then ask yourself: This seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, thinking happening right now, right this moment... is THIS what I am?

(to be continued... if you want it to be!)