Animal Heaven

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In this bit of information from The Council they explain where the life force or essence of an animal goes after it dies. They also give us insight into how our love for an animal gives it a special status when it passes on. I am sure that many of you have great affection for those animals that share your life. It is comforting to know that the relationship can continue beyond the physical manifestation. Below The Council explains. Since this piece of information is longer than most of my postings. I have the beginning portion here and for those who wish to read the entire section I have provided a link below.

Questioner: I do have a question that was brought to my mind about the animal consciousness. Where does that go when the animal expires?

The Council: Well, in most cases if the animal does not have a true love, you know, say a master who is deeply fond of that animal, it goes back to, shall we say, (we must be careful now, in wording this, because it could be made into something that does not exist) but it goes back into, shall we say, a stockpile wherein that energy or that force of life then can come back and replenish the earth and mankind, you see. But those animals that have found a place in man's heart then can be sustained, so to speak. So that as you find fondness with whatever manner of pet, regardless of what it is then your love sustains that and gives it a more permanent and, shall we say, a more personalized consciousness. Do you understand?

Questioner: Well, when everything is said and done, what will this group animal consciousness become a part of? Will it go back to the Godhead?

The Council: Well, to carry it to a point where you might have, shall we say, a different point of perspective, that consciousness or that energy that manifests as a form of animal was your original creative area to work in, if you will recall what we gave you some time ago as to the very beginning. Now, that is, shall we say, your sustenance for the material manifestation. As you grow and you begin to realize that all living things are a part of God and that man has a direct responsibility to all those things, then you do in your own way create, shall we say, a purpose for that animal to exist. Now, a pet, for example, adds to your avenue of expressing love, also gives you the opportunity to be a proper caretaker of that animal, you see, and in so doing then as the time for that animal to pass on comes, if you have truly been a guardian to that animal, then you, shall we say, individualize that part of that consciousness so that it can remain isolated from the rest of that conscious area. Do you understand this?

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