Angels ? Do they help us on the physical plane?

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Angels worship whom He who has appointed them as angels: God. Then if you worship God, where is the fear of the angels? You need no help from the angels when you look to the King. When He is related to you very closely, by relation, by blood, by soul.
Q:A good man once spoke to me about the devil being an angel who has rebelled against God. Can this be true?
A:That is metaphorically speaking. There are two powers. One is the Highest Power which is the Creator of all. Then, at a lower level, the Negative Power is made; that is always going into expression for the purpose of formation of the world. That is Brahm; it is made for that. So there is nothing devilish... Kabir says, God created two powers, Negative and Positive. Positive has its own work and Negative is going into expression. One goes in toward the Source, the other recedes outward. So truly speaking, there is no Satan, only those Powers are created Kal(time) and Akal(away from time), Negative and Positive. They each have their own work Those under the command of the Negative Power, they always like to go out into expression. And those who want to come back again to their Home, naturally they follow the Positive way. That is given through the Saints: Contact with God into expression, called Naam or Word, which has got two manifestations, Light and Sound. When you are contacted with that, it will take you direct to the Source from where it emanated: the true Home of our Father. So there is no antagonism, but that [Negative Power] is made for the purpose of Creation; because He had to make the Creation.
If you light a candle, the flame will go up because the Source of light is the sun. If you invert it, even then the flame till go up, because the source is above. If you throw a clod of earth into the air, however forcefully you may send it, again it will come to the earth because the source of the clod is beneath. Similarly, mind is negative in its affect. It is always working to take you into expression. But the soul is of the Positive side, it wants to take you up to its own source. When soul is freed from the mind, that goes to God. So mind is made the purpose of keeping the world going. Without mind, the world could not go on. Kal(time) and Akal(away from time) both are expressions of the Absolute . . The Absolute is from where they all come. This is an intricate question, of course, but it can be understood this way.

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Is the nature of angels positive or negative?

Even the avatars are under the law of cause and effect. Incarnations, what to speak of angels! Yes, surely. They are higher, of course, they have done some good actions; they get bliss for a longer time, in the higher planes, then come back again. In the Upanishads it is said that the souls of the Rishis, when they returned after enjoying the bliss of the higher plumes, selected the man body, because in the man body alone can the soul reach God.

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Can an angel reincarnate as a man or not?

Yes. If they are to go back to God, they must take the form of man. There is no other way back to God, I just quoted from the Upanishads where it is said so.

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How can the devil incarnate as a man?

There is no devil. That is only the name given to the Negative Power, to the Power going into expression. Had that Power not been, there'd have been no world.

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Can an angel who rebelled against God take a human incarnation ?

You see, take the example of the world. There are different appointments: officers, viceroys, commanders-in-chief. Under the Law of Karma, all are equal. But they have different positions in order to carry on the work. So this is the appointment of angels. Some are deputy commissioners, some are commissioners, some are governors; but they are under the law of cause and effect. They are not immune to it. You are not immune, unless you become directly connected with the God in you. This is the law, you see. You should go and ask God to tell you all these things. This is what He has made.

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If an angel were never incarnate in a human body..........?

Q: If an angel were never incarnate in a human body, it would still be subject to the law of cause and effect? [Reno Sirrine answered, "Yes."] Then this angel, the devil . . . but if an angel has never reincarnated, how can it rehabilitate?

Answer: These are the appointments, as a man is promoted from private to corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, or general. They are all subject to the law of cause and effect. If they make any mistake, they are brought to the court. Only God Himself is immune from that, or those who are connected with Him. Others are all under the law of cause and effect. Even incarnations,* you'll find, have to undergo the law of cause and effect. Lord Rama struck and killed some man. In his next birth, Rama became Lord Krishna, you see, the incarnation of that age. And the man he had killed became a hunter and killed him. They are not immune. Even a military officer may control a town, but if he breaks any law he is brought to court.

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