Angelic Dream….

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An Angel One day came…
Knock my door; Shook my hand…
When I was fast asleep in my deep sleep!

Call me ;
“Come fast dear we will mend a Heavenly Kingdom there;
Night is for Human Sleep!
Angels comes in and dwells everything when man sleeps!

Angel took me to that lovely Garden…
Where Love…Joy and Happiness dwelling their Hut…
The moment I step in…I saw the Light were On…
No Technician…no Electrician…It is Only the Love;
That making the Magical Fusion!

Angel says: Spend your days for your Worldly things…
Come with me at Every Night to this Dreamland of Angels!
You don’t have to worry for anything…
Enjoy with us as Everything is in Abundance here!

As I freed myself from This worldly thoughts;
A Song of Symphony harping my ear with
Magical music flawlessly there….

At once my eyes open with thoughts of Fear, not to
Loose the Kingdom Angel gave me in bequest!

I found myself:
I was on my bed with much love!
I was despairly looking for Angels….
I realized it was a dream altogether!

But when I close my eyes I still see that beautiful Garden…Light
And hear the Harping music of Symphony!!!!